Vikings are losing games -- and popularity

  • Article by: Jeff Strickler , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 25, 2013 - 2:15 PM

With the Vikings having less than a stellar season, local football fans aren’t the only ones getting frustrated. People from other parts of the country are joining in on bailing out on the team.

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bigbradOct. 25, 13 6:30 PM

Vikings losing popularity??? Imagine that.

fishanhunt2Oct. 25, 13 6:35 PM

No surprise here. Simple economics 101. You deliver a sub standard product below what was advertised and your sales, popularity slides.

drozmeOct. 25, 1311:33 PM

I don't know what kind of kick in the behind that the management needs but I wish someone would get the job done....The coaching staff and Speilman (repeat of his past performances...look it up) are at the bottom of the league and the unforgivable sin in my book is the total WASTE of the premier running back of all time IMO in Peterson....Please management Wilf family that is lead and get Cowher, Gruden or Billick level coach and GM in right now don't let the present lack of leadership end up with all the stars on injured reserve or worse....look at the stars that have been seriously injured last and now this year...and I just watched the miserable coach parrot what Peterson said a week ago about not playing think?????? COME ON MAN LOL HAVE PITY ON THE FANS....WE GAVE YOU YOUR STAIUM.

mdachsOct. 26, 1312:05 AM

How is this a surprise to anyone? The Minnesota legislature agreed to provide 1/3rd of the funding for the Vikings stadium. Then Ziggy funds most of his 1/3rd from seat licenses. And, to top it all off, Spielman's player choices are a bust. The coaching staff does a terrible job with offensive and defensive plays. And, so the fans feel ripped off, paying for a stadium for a billionaire's organization that fields a terrible team. Where is the surprise???

comment229Oct. 26, 13 4:54 AM

A recent survey of the baggers at grocery stores in the metro area, has indicated that there is a huge rise in the amount of customers who indicate they want "paper" when asked "paper or plastic?" A store exit poll of the customers who wanted "paper" indicated that they were almost 100% viking fans, and were planning to attend the game on Sunday night. They also noted that many of the same customers bought scissors and mumbled something about cutting eye slits.

comment229Oct. 26, 13 5:01 AM

PS... Oh, I don't think there is any doubt about several of the viking players "mailing it in" already. Some of them look like they studied the films of the first three plays of last years pro bowl game. And I think a lot of people are being too hard on the offensive line. How would you like to have to block eight people, week after week because your coaches insist on the same play calling week after week? And the secondary? Complain all you want there too, but no NFL secondary could cover when you have no pass rush. Allen? He disappeared weeks ago with the exception of the one hand sack. All this comes down to coaching and some questionable draft choices. The reason fans are abandoning ship, is because changes are not made, at half time, or any other time week after week. I would love to see a new head coach, Gruden, with Chris Carter as the receivers' coach and Brett Favre as the offensive coordinator. Bet the numbers would go up in a hurry on the optimistic poll. And yes, I have bled purple since the first time Bill Brown was handed the ball, but I am running out of blood now, and need a transfusion, soon!

rshacklefordOct. 26, 13 5:23 AM

How are those etab sales going? One of the TV news stations tonight on their 10pm show did a segment on how the game against the Packers was not selling out. That indicates the Zygi Product is really total garbage. I hope Zygi and the NFL blackout the game. That would completely destroy the team's fanbase. But I think the game will miraculously be "sold out" according to the pretzel logic of the team's marketing staff and be televised. Which companies are spending (wasting) advertising dollars on this team? I will not patronize their stores/services. If Zygi sells this team for ANY profit (from his original purchase cost), there is something very wrong in this world.

Kathy_BrandtOct. 26, 13 7:21 AM

"watching it was “punishment for something you did in a past life.” Blew coffee out my nose on that one! LOL

swmnguyOct. 26, 13 8:35 AM

The huge piles of public money for stadiums is a poisoned chalice. It creates such a huge temptation that all else becomes secondary to privatizing all that money and socializing all those costs. That's what did the Twins in. The Target Field deal was unpopular enough the Twins went all-in to win in 2010 and in the process, boiled up and ate the seed corn. By the time the Twins are competitive again, it will have been more than 5 years. So the Vikings have done the same thing. They've got their sweetheart deal from the politicians, but they've neglected the building blocks of a good football team. They were awful in 2011, surprised to the upside in 2012, and regressed horribly so far this year by neglecting the back end of the defense. If we keep funneling dollars into this money-laundering operation, we'll keep getting what we deserve.

yooperbillOct. 26, 1310:14 AM

Now the Viking fans know what the Lions fans knew long ago,its hard to back a loser,especially if it goes year after year like its going to.


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