Anderson: Ammunition shortfall falls short of a conspiracy

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 25, 2013 - 12:22 AM

The realities of supply, demand, delivery and manufacturing are more in line for blame.

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freedumb86Oct. 24, 1311:51 PM

Based upon the number of shooting on a daily basis, there isn't enough ammunition. If we had more, there would be fewer shootings.

comment229Oct. 25, 13 6:01 AM

I suspect that this is the "cabbage patch doll syndrome gone wild." I will bet if you ask, most people who have this as a hobby, have several boxes of the ammunition on their shelves at home because they "heard" there will be a shortage. And take it one step further; did the author of this article buy both of those boxes he found? Yes he did.... will he use both those boxes? No he won't. And the same 100 people standing there before he got there, did the same exact thing. As for production, 24-7, you can choose to believe that if you want, but it is in the industries best interest, to provide just barely enough, for two reasons. Can you name them?

foneboothOct. 25, 13 7:32 AM

OMG, you mean someone is trying to inject sanity into an insane argument? For example: "If we had more, there would be fewer shootings." You mean, after almost 250 years, we STILL don't have enough guns in the US? And now it's ammo? Sounds like some Obama/trilateral commission/freemason conspiracy to me...I better find a militia to live just HAS to be true...

texas_technomanOct. 25, 13 7:56 AM

I shoot a 1948 300 Savage lever action...., a not highly consumed cartridge, so usually no problem getting them. What Dennis didn't mention that not only are some in short supply, the price of them has doubled in recent years. I have a couple of boxes of .45's...price tag is under $20...more like $40 now, if you can find them.

right155439Oct. 25, 13 7:57 AM

Doomsdayer hoarding.

gimruisOct. 25, 13 8:20 AM

Texas_techwoman...very good point. Not only has supply gone up and down for specific calibers, but the price tag of almost every type of ammunition across the board has gone up by at least double in the past decade. Pheasant loads have gone from 10 bucks a box to 25. Rifle loads have gone from 25 bucks a box to 45. And .22LR ammo? Nowhere to be found.

shushyn78Oct. 25, 13 8:22 AM

Keep looking. Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods has some too. Price is getting nuts though. Ammo does not spoil, buy even if it is years before you use it.

regionguyOct. 25, 1311:00 AM

Have noticed that it is much harder in the last year or so for me to get British .303 rounds. I know I am not the only one in the US who shoots a SMLE, but I wonder if the general ammo shortage is an issue not limited to the US.

davehougOct. 25, 1311:41 AM

Ammo does not spoil, buy even if it is years before you use it. = = = Which is why ammo makers do NOT want to pay for increased capacity. Once the slump comes, nobody knows how long the slump will last too.

ddellwoOct. 25, 1312:08 PM

Same way down here in Texas -- every time I go to our local sporting goods store, the shelves of rifle ammo are meager at best and I have noticed on several occasions guys calling their buddies on cellphones while they were standing in line to let them know that a certain ammo was in stock and they'd better hurry. While I only dabble with guns, the guys I know who are really heavy into this sport tend to lean toward the "doomsdayer" side of the political spectrum, so the whole shortage thing while the Dems are in office doesn't really surprise me that much. There is no shortage -- just lots of unreasonable (in my opinion) demand.


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