U.S. must boycott the Winter Olympics

  • Article by: Ellen J. Kennedy
  • Updated: October 24, 2013 - 6:33 PM

Don’t let Sochi in 2014 be an echo of Berlin in 1936.

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brianjapanOct. 24, 13 6:44 PM

Every country is free to make their own laws based on their beliefs!

SteveHolidayOct. 24, 13 7:35 PM

who should host the Olympics instead? the US? what about NSA spying on foreign officials, drone strikes killing civilians around the globe, etc. etc? name your cause, and you can cancel the Olympics in perpetuity!

rolflindyOct. 24, 13 7:36 PM

The Russians have not rounded up millions of gays to put in gas chambers. And our boycott would have no effect. This commentary hits a new low for the Star Trib.

christianstdOct. 24, 13 7:54 PM

What a loser. Haven't we had this discussion? What did our Olympic athletes have to do with any of this? If the President was to do this, he'd look even more like one of worst Presidents ever.

radiocameronOct. 24, 13 8:20 PM

I thought that the entire point of the Olympic games was athletic competitiveness and goodwill between nations free from politics, regardless of ideological differences. I guess the author's point is that the Russians are violating civil rights, thus the reason for a boycott. If this fact is indeed the case, then wouldn't it make sense to also deny participation to any country that violates civil rights? This tactic seems like it would be more effective in changing that country's policy regarding civil rights or any other transgressions deemed unacceptable.

johnmcfaddenOct. 24, 13 8:22 PM

was this piece picked up off the wire and originally published in The Onion?

theruntOct. 24, 13 8:28 PM

One thing the '36 Olympics did was knock the whole "nordic race" superiority thing down a notch. African American Jesse Owens kicked some serious Nordic butt.

greatgatzbyOct. 24, 13 8:46 PM

This is ludicrous! The homosexual agenda has hijacked our schools, courtrooms, and many churches. Now the focus of the winter olympics is going to be homosexuality. NBC wasn't real interested in talking human and civil rights in Bejing in 2008. I have a feeling they will be more than happy to do it in Sochi. Johnny Weir doing the skating analysis is just the beginning. Pathetic!

zkat5zugOct. 24, 13 8:48 PM

brianjapan, so what Germany did during the war was OK, because as a country they can make whatever laws they want? I suppose Arabic countries who treat women like lower animals are just doing what they have a right to do as a country as well. And with your logic, having slaves was perfectly OK for the United States because it was a law at one time. Unfortunately you and the other posters (where are the enlightened tonight?) don't understand that sometimes you have to stand up against this sort of tyranny. I wonder what non-conforming attribute you may have that could be deemed illegal so that you could learn a modicum of empathy.

zkat5zugOct. 24, 13 8:51 PM

rolflindy, really? It's OK to do whatever you want to a group of people as long as you don't commit mass murder? I'm glad you have limits.


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