Let us eat lunch where our appetites lead us

  • Article by: John Levy and Katelynn McBride
  • Updated: October 24, 2013 - 12:18 PM

Skyway restaurant and building owners in Minneapolis are lobbying to limit food trucks — their competition — but this should be a free market.

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albstromOct. 23, 13 6:30 PM

Food trucks only make sense during late spring to early fall. After that, no one wants to venture outside especially when January comes.

tullymnOct. 23, 13 7:12 PM

How many of these food truck vendors that also own restaurants would support having food trucks lined up the block outside of their business?? I'm guessing none!

arspartzOct. 23, 13 9:40 PM

Food trucks only make sense during late spring to early fall. After that, no one wants to venture outside especially when January comes.

Yet one of your mayors wants to close the skyways...

commonerOct. 23, 13 9:48 PM

Nice try but I'm not buying it. The landlocked restaurants have made a commitment to our community. I don't know what the right number is, but if a food truck wants to do business in Minneapolis, they should be subject to similar tax commitments as the skyway restaurants. Once the tax commitment is equal, great, let the true competition begin.

ificantucantOct. 24, 1312:04 AM

Those hundred food trucks also take away valuable parking space that paying customers would normally use. Finding a place to park a car anywhere on Marquette Ave is insanity at best. Why not place all these food trucks on Nicollet Mall thereby taking up no parking spaces.

ruphinaOct. 24, 13 4:40 AM

The lunchtime meters where they park should be at least double the cost and strictly enforced. Health inspectors should work over lunch every day inspecting them on a very regular basis. Bill G.

chuckdancerOct. 24, 13 6:44 AM

If the truckers want to run a restaurant and have the money for food trucks, they can open a restaurant if their food is darn good.

elind56Oct. 24, 13 7:26 AM

Another deplorable effort to use government to snuff out the competition.

chitownboyOct. 24, 13 7:28 AM

excellent points John! the bottom line is that people will gravitate to good food and should not be forced to artificially settle for boring or substandard grub. signed, Jim Rowader, lawyer and eater of good food - wherever it lives!

rabidmonkeyOct. 24, 13 7:52 AM

The writers need a history lesson. The City leaders they insist keep their regulatory hands off our food trucks are the very leaders who pushed aside old regulations and cleared the way for food trucks to flourish. The Minneapolis City Council broadly supported the expansion of food trucks in Downtown. Aim your commentary more squarely at Taco Bell next time, not our council members. By the way, food trucks rock.


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