Souhan: Vikings' Peterson has been looking merely mortal this season

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2013 - 10:50 AM

Two unrealistic and entirely theoretical football-based conversations have hovered around Adrian Peterson this season, flitting from Twitter timeline to talk show.

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kieselOct. 22, 13 9:23 PM

If what I heard on the Bill O'Reilly program last night is true (that Peterson has "6 or 7 kids by as many women scattered around the country"), I have little doubt that he is quite "mortal" and an "athlete" in many things!

neilgdOct. 22, 13 9:50 PM

I'm not fond of playing armchair offensive coordinator, but have the Vikes ever thrown a screen pass or shovel pass to AP? Seems like with 8 guys in the box always trying to stuff the run, logic would dictate letting them through and dumping it over the top to AP in the (hopefully) open field. Just a thought.

dforbortOct. 22, 1310:05 PM

Without a skilled quarterback to take advantage of the stacked defenses the Vikings face, AP's talent is wasted. Why not trade him for what the market offers...hopefully at least a first round draft pick and a player to fill a need, like a top defensive back. Let AP play for a team that has a chance of winning something while he's in his prime. It's not as if the Vikings will have to worry about AP helping a team beat them out of a playoff spot anytime soon.

jac53jrOct. 22, 1310:13 PM

That was the poorest excuse for an NFL QB. The coaching was just as inept. All night long AP was open over the middle 5 to 8 yards over the middle for a screen pass and Freeman continually ignored him and passed into coverage or underthrew or overthrew all the receivers. That game was there to be had because the Giants were almost as inept. The coaches should be fired.

eibud22423Oct. 22, 1311:22 PM

Dforbort has it right. We have enjoyed HOF performances from AP. He deserves to play for a winner. Sorry, I let sentiment enter a conversation regarding a business that doesn't have any.

mdachsOct. 22, 1311:39 PM

I've always been an Adrian Peterson fan - what a great back to watch! But I can't buy that his performance had anything to do with the death of a son that he just recently learned was his and barely, if at all, knew. I was disappointed that he has 5+ kids by several different mothers - and hasn't married any of the mothers (although it is said that he is "engaged" to one of them). So I am disappointed by his complete lack of judgment with respect to fathering kids. It's unfortunate that he is now a poor role model for young African-American boys - and his fathering behavior just perpetuates the myth that this kind of behavior is acceptable. But that doesn't impact his value as a star football player, unless all of these illegimate children are an on-field distraction that prevents him from performing to his potential. Whether he stays with the Vikings or leaves, I do hope that, sometime in his career, he gets the chance to compete in the Super Bowl - it must be very frustrating and discouraging to be a world class running back and never compete with the best. At this point, much as I would hate to see him leave the Vikings, trading him for a world class quarterback would be worth considering - he can't carry a team with a mediocre or poor quarterback. And if the Vikes never get a good or great quarterback, we may as well let the team leave - the stadium investment will be a waste of taxpayer and fan (who buy the licenses) money. Getting Freeman was a Hail Mary - I hope it turns out better than what we saw in the first game. But, given his past performance and his first Vikings game, it doesn't look good.

drozmeOct. 23, 1312:19 AM

Frazier's scheme hasn't changed in three years so all DC's for the opposition have figured the Vikes out and it all but Frasier. And he must be delusional to not see the look in AP's eyes when he is used ten times and then thirteen times in the last two games....the line is not given plays that help them best the defensive line...when the coach says AP off tackle first two downs and you have to block two guys or more for each lineman you get worn out and hurt.....look at the injury list for Frasier's time coaching the team....scary and last years knee wipe out for AP is being repeated....Bishop not used and knee gone....Harrison gone and linemen wrecked by poor elementary level Frasier scheme....and he says all is well and everyone is behind him....He needs to look at the demeanor and body language and then have someone tell him it is his fault for not changing and growing as head coach. The Vikings....the worst ever in football history...and Frasier says we missed a few opportunities.....I say we sure did in not Firing Fasier last year.

melonicityOct. 23, 1312:28 AM

AP + 2012 season = HGH

cjvirnigOct. 23, 13 2:30 AM

Nobody would give the Vikings an existing starting quarterback for Adrian Peterson. Nor would the Vikings even be stupid enough to ask for that. What they would ask for are draft picks. High draft picks. Considering the Vikings figure to be a bottom 5 team, their record will automatically put them in good draft position. Throw in maybe a 1st and 3rd round pick for Peterson and suddenly they've got the chips to take a top QB or, at worst, trade up. Bridgewater looks to be a lock to go to Jacksonville with the first pick. In my opinion, Tajh Boyd and Johnny Manziel are fool's gold. My money would be on either Brett Hundley out of UCLA or AJ McCarron out of Alabama (yes, I know you're skeptical. So was I, but McCarron will be going for 3 straight national titles this year AND he's a very smart player, which is rare. Shiny objects like Boyd end up flopping in the NFL whereas smart players like McCarron end up thriving, even if they lack any and all flash).

bruisedupOct. 23, 13 5:03 AM

I think it would be good for people to know in general how Peterson grew up before judging him. Before stating what he should be for a role model it might be a good idea to know who his role models were. For the most part we are all a collection of what we have learned.


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