TSA screening digs deep into passenger data

  • Article by: SUSAN STELLIN , New York Times
  • Updated: October 21, 2013 - 11:40 PM

Agency expanding scrutiny to include such data as employment.

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phoilandOct. 21, 1310:08 PM

As an Iraq War vet, the DHS has already pre-judged us all as potential domestic terrorists, so I'm sure this program will workout just fine. Well, accept for us potential domestic terrorists, of course.

kruzelcOct. 21, 1310:20 PM

The TSA is full of wanna-be rentacops and criminals. I'll take them seriously when they screen their own employees for once and stop molesting war vets and babies.

railroadOct. 21, 1310:56 PM

TSA went thru my bags and my prescription medicine was missing. No notes telling me why, just missing. So maybe they should check out themselves

eurotravelerOct. 21, 1311:01 PM

One more reason for avoiding flying whenever possible...

tcatheartOct. 21, 1311:18 PM

I'm not going to go all "chicken little" on everyone, but seriously, how far is too far? Have we reached that point?

edinawaterOct. 21, 1311:19 PM

The TSA also maintains a PreCheck disqualification list, tracking people accused of violating security regulations, including disputes with checkpoint or airline staff.

There you go. If you challenge the TSA agent who fingers your cell phone don't be surprised to find yourself on the PreCheck disqualification list. There will be no trial. You will not have the opportunity to challenge your accusers. There is no way off the list.

edinawaterOct. 21, 1311:24 PM

There is no one big, dramatic thing the government does that says, "This is the point where we're no longer free." France did not tumble overnight into the Reign of Terror. Russia did not go in a day from Revolution to purges and gulags. Germany did not start building death camps as soon as the swastika flew over the Reichstag. Cuba was as free as any country on Earth the day Castro took power.

Tyranny doesn't happen in an instant. It happens steadily, insidiously, and at every point there are people saying, "Oh, this isn't so bad, and it's for our own good ..." It's only at the end of the process that you wake up, look around, and ask, "Where did freedom go?"


edinawaterOct. 21, 1311:46 PM

Anyone who thinks this will work should Google "Carnival Booth Algorithm". More reliable screening will make airlines less secure. As ironic as it may seem, the more reliable the screening system is, the easier it is to defeat. The above-referenced study shows terrorists can study airline security simply by booking a few flights. As the system becomes more reliable it takes fewer and fewer flights to find a hole in it.

swmnguyOct. 22, 13 5:33 AM

...As life more and more imitates a Philip K. Dick novel. "Edinawater" is correct. These things will create less actual security, but more inconvenience, and those harmed will tend more and more to be innocent. Indeed, harming the innocent becomes the true point of authoritarian repression, because opponents of the regime have already opted out and have no faith whatever in "the authorities," so all that's left is to intimidate the undecided. Tyranny is the photo-negative of terrorism, and is morally the same thing.

elind56Oct. 22, 13 7:11 AM

tcatheart said: "...but seriously, how far is too far?"--------------------------They can only take this as far as 'We The People' allow them. Yes, the people could put a stop to ALL this crap but that won't happen until a critical mass of the citizenry decides they've finally had enough and aren't going to take it any more. Until then, government will continue to ramp up these kind of operations, hoping we will continue to acclimate and grow accustomed to the slow but steady loss of freedoms.


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