Jerabek's closes its doors on St. Paul's West Side

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 21, 2013 - 8:46 PM

The St. Paul bakery is going out of business because of unspecified challenges, the owners said.

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dflleftOct. 21, 13 8:12 PM

St Paul is slowly but surely becoming a ghost town. What you you expect with complete and total DFL control.

mmp14yrOct. 21, 13 9:16 PM

So sad. Jerabek's was such a great place!

herby2013Oct. 21, 13 9:21 PM

And yet another long-lived business goes out of business under the reign of Barack Obama. All over the country businesses that been around for 75 - 100 years are going out of business. They were able to survive two world wars, dozens of economic recessions and the Great Depression but cannot survive the Obama administration. In St. Paul, McQuillan Brothers plumbing service went out of business in 2011 after 125 years as a family-owned business. Peter's Grill in Minneapolis, a restaurant that opened in 1914, recently went out of business. In Duluth, Garon Brothers Jewelers recently closed after 110 years in business. Mankato Kasota Stone closed down after 125 years in business. And there are lots more examples of long-lived businesses shutting down not just in Minnesota, but all over the country. This is the hope and change you voted for courtesy of Barack Obama. Better raise taxes quick so you can destroy more American dreams. Oh yeah, Obama and the Democrats are again demanding higher taxes so they can forge ahead with more spending. Little reported was the fact that Democrats wanted to restore the sequester spending cuts in the latest budget battle that resulted in the "shutdown". Spend spend spend, borrow borrow borrow, tax tax tax. And what do we have to show for it? Long-lived businesses dropping like flies, record bad job market with the true unemployment rate adding back the dropouts over 10%, and a staggering 77% of all jobs created during 2013 being part-time and low-paying. And we have higher taxes today than the day Obama took office, much higher federal government spending and what do we have to show for it? A dismal job market, 25% youth unemployment rate, falling middle-class incomes, small businesses folding like its going out of style...

truthtimeOct. 21, 1310:23 PM

Oh, come on. Nothing the President did or DFL did had anything to do with a neighborhood bakery closing. Maybe if you and a couple hundred of your Tea Party friends would have stopped there for a bag of donuts, a loaf of bread, a package of buns once or twice a week each, it would have stayed open. If the owners would talk, we'd probably find it is more about a lack of sales as people avoid carbs like the plague.

tntattersOct. 21, 1310:26 PM

One has to wonder if it was destroyed by threats from threats or lawsuits from the "gay" faux-marriage crowd. It wouldn't be the first bakery business driven out of business.

BalanceOct. 22, 1312:16 AM

People no longer go to the local bakeries. They go to Cub and Rainbow for their bread,cakes and doughnuts. The average consumer has changed to a one stop shopping convenience shopper.There is not a lot of mark-up on bakery items, that can make it difficult to make a profit.This has absolutely nothing to do with Obama,DFL or GOP.

rufflesOct. 22, 13 5:55 AM

---Maybe the one stop shopping has to do high gas prices no seems to be talking about?

saoirseOct. 22, 13 8:00 AM

Well, tntatters, one also could wonder if too much tea has a toxic effect on critical thinking skills. Have you any solid evidence that gay wedding cakes killed Jerabek's?

foldenmOct. 22, 13 8:59 AM

Have to agree with "Balance". Modern living has gotten so hectic that we tend to want to shop at one place, and the small specialty stores that make excellent high quality goods will decline. It has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the economics of today.

tcfungirlOct. 22, 13 9:08 AM

Sounds like the owners' underlying reasons were far more personal and painful than the simplistic conspiracy theories being proposed.


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