Liberals are waging a war on the weak

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  • Updated: October 18, 2013 - 7:54 PM

A weak moral code is responsible for the divide between rich and poor.

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pumiceOct. 19, 13 2:37 PM

From the article: "On all these fronts, moral restrictions are being dropped in the name of expanding freedom for all." And yet, Ms. Kersten, the most often repeated mantra of the right is "freedom for all individuals to amass as much wealth as possible" by whatever means and without regard for the common good. Ayn Rand's call and that of her followers is to get government out of the way of those who were born at the top of the ladder or are clawing their way to the top of the ladder--to expand their freedom to protect every last penny of "their" income and wealth without regard for equitable sharing of the fruits of labor with the workers who produce the goods and provide the services.

crystalbayOct. 19, 13 3:33 PM

Kerston's ridiculous attempt to attribute society's problems to those less advantaged to the "liberals" is pathetic, extremely biased and laughable. She states that the rich have "better morals and family values", a direct slam on the 99% who've been getting poorer due to the 1% hoarding their wealth, investing abroad, exporting jobs, and escaping taxes created just for the wealthy. Blaming all this and more on liberals and basically saying that they have no moral values is offensive and wholly false. She needs to take her biases, judgements, and eternally skewed view and stuff it.

myob_STOct. 19, 13 3:34 PM

This is the worst piece of Kersten's garbage to date. It's divisive, patronizing, and devoid of facts to support her bigoted assertions. Get the behind me, Kersten!

herby2013Oct. 19, 13 3:48 PM

"We hear from all sides that America is becoming 'two nations.' The upper class of highly educated professionals is flourishing — rich and getting richer." Actually, if you want to see that in action all you have to do is look at the most liberal areas in America like Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles. You will find the rich liberal elites living within blocks of the "poor" in some cases, but never giving their own money away to help those they pretend to care about so they can pander for votes to get their beloved Democrats elected. The truth is that solid middle-class America is in the suburban and exurban Republican-voting territory. These are the people who work to pay their own way in life instead of begging for handouts and work to educate and improve themselves instead of voting limousine liberals into office to take care of them. You know, like North Minneapolis where 68% of the population is on welfare, just a mile or so from the liberal elites living in downtown Minneapolis in their $300,000 one-bedroom condominiums (like multi-millionaire Senator Al Franken). I laugh every time I think about the mansions in the Kenwood area of Minneapolis and how solidly Democrat they vote when there are homeless people roaming the streets half a mile away. Sure, these bleeding hearts will steal your money and give it away, but they never voluntarily give away their own. You can't put in a $20,000 crystal chandelier if you give your money away to feed the homeless. Oh, but they care oh so much because they are "compassionate". Not compassionate enough to give their own money away to help the people they pretend to care about to win votes, but compassionate enough to talk about "the poor" at $34,000 per person fundraisers for Obama and the Democratic Party. You know, those liberals might say something like, "we have to raise taxes on people who earn incomes to help the poor, but don't touch my assets!", while they drink imported champagne and munch on caviar with their messiah Obama.

margeanncullenOct. 19, 13 4:18 PM

Herby I have no idea where you are coming from and unfortunately this site won't let me vote your comments down. Kersten rich people don't do drugs? Give me a break.

goferfanzOct. 19, 13 4:28 PM

""""we have to raise taxes on people who earn incomes to help the poor, but don't touch my assets!"""............A lengthy comment still comes to a pithy, spot-on conclusion. Liberals have become experts on the shell game equating income as wealth, when nothing could be farther from the truth, from reality. Meanwhile, the mega-millionaires who run the Dem political machine in Washington, seem not to care a whit that the gap between rich and poor has grown tremendously under Dem rule since 1/2007. I always laughed heartily when Candidate Dayton played the "raise the income tax on the rich" card when appealing to our out-of-work, poorly educated citizens. Cows will jump over the moon before a Dayton, Pelosi, or Obama offers an asset based tax or surcharge on one's wealth. And yes, the Dem-run urban areas invariably do have quite the contrast between the wealthy and poor within their city limits. 21st century plantations, one might say.........

chuckdancerOct. 19, 13 4:42 PM

This is another rehash of a theme that Kersten recycles throughout the year to meet her quota of opinions for the Strib. This particular theme of casting her political opponents as being directly responsible for all the social ills found in the American population is her most lame and ludicrous. There is nothing more pathetic than a conservative elite propagandist trying to portray herself as a protector of the huddled masses.

herby2013Oct. 19, 13 5:39 PM

"There is nothing more pathetic than a conservative elite propagandist trying to portray herself as a protector of the huddled masses." Yes there is: a limousine liberal portraying themselves as a protector of the huddled masses while never giving their own money away. Conservatives believe people should WORK for things, not have cash, cell phones, free health insurance, food and the like handed to able-bodied people to buy votes. And one thing Conservatives do not believe is that people should have what they work for stolen from them to be given to other people who refuse to lift a finger for it. Liberals do. Liberals support all those things and when it comes down to it, every liberal pays as little taxes as they have to (even Obama deducted his relatively meager charitable contributions from his $5.5 million income for year 2009 so he could pay less in taxes). And they do not give their own money away. What is more important to a rich liberal: living in a big energy hog mansion or giving their own money away to help "the poor"? The difference between Conservatives and Liberals, apart from what I mentioned earlier, is that liberals PRETEND to care when they actually don't. Anybody can get elected to political office by promising to give free stuff to people. What percentage of the people getting free cell phones from the government voted for Mitt Romney? Almost none. They are solid Democrat voters just like the multi-millionaires living in their big mansions in LA's Platinum Triangle. How many "poor" get invited to the Democrats' $34,000 per person fundraisers? None. It's easy to TALK about helping people. But actions speak louder than words. Interestingly, Barack Obama got rich off of politics as his books didn't sell until after he ran for President. He made $8 million in book royalties in years 2008 and 2009 combined. Bill Clinton earned over $100 million since leaving office from giving paid speeches and from his hedge fund job (which he got despite no experience or education). Al Gore, too, has earned over $100 million since leaving office from his hedge fund job, global warming speeches at $100,000 per appearance, and sitting on the boards of directors of tax-dodging corporations like Apple and Google. Hillary Clinton is currently on the speaking circuit giving paid speeches at $200,000 per appearance, as is former Representative Barney Frank (though he is commanding less money). Funny how these Democrat politicians who speak against the "inequities" of wealth grab as much cash as they can after leaving office. Cash that is the result of their high-profile political careers. And they give very little of it away.

goferfanzOct. 19, 13 6:31 PM

Herby, I think the Strib should give you a column and boot Jason ;oD Of course, speaking your truth about "power" wont sit well with the lib cadre on these pages. I am always amazed that anybody votes for a Democrat, especially after Pelosi's disastrous 4 year Speaker run. The state etab and federal health exchange debacles are clear reminders of why this country is now over 17T in debt (almost 6T of it during Pelosi's short tenure as Speaker)...........Dems would be great "leaders" if only there were that money tree! Dang!

rlwr51Oct. 19, 13 7:01 PM

An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping to be eaten last.


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