Beware of conspiracy theorists as the JFK anniversary approaches

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  • Updated: October 17, 2013 - 6:29 PM

You’re about to hear a lot — from people like Jesse Ventura, who don’t know what they don’t know — about how the assassination went down.

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davehougOct. 17, 13 8:15 PM

I like the English language because the following is a true statement. "Martians / CIA / Mafia may have....." because the word may allows anything to follow :) How many books and TV shows been sold with what MIGHT have happened :)

chop1234Oct. 17, 13 8:50 PM

The JFK assassination happened at an interesting point in time. Twenty years earlier and there's a good chance no one would have had any sort of motion picture camera (no Zumbruder film), not to mention police recorded audio data. Twenty years later and there would have been many video recordings of the shooting (granted VHS, but better than super-8) thirty years beyond that and there would have been hundreds of smart phone documenting the tragedy. Despite Jesse making money on it, there will never be enough data to fully and conclusively decide what happened that day. PS there was a PBS show (Nova, I think) devoted to the assassination, using computer ballistics analysis - conclusion: inconclusive.

Spiker1Oct. 17, 1310:17 PM

It is not just conspiracy theorists who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot Kennedy.....

raygunrevoltOct. 18, 13 4:08 AM

Oswald. Alone. Period. There is no credible evidence that contradicts this. Sadly, far too many people accept Oliver Stone's fiction piece, aka 'JFK', as historical fact.

peterschiffOct. 18, 13 6:12 AM

President Kennedy signing Executive Order #11110 could be a interesting lead. Kennedy signed this order which gave the power to have the Department of the Treasury begin competing with the Federal Reserve, and allowed the printing by the Treasury of debt free currency (backed somewhat by silver in the Treasury....aka hard money). Another angle to look at is Vice President Johnson. Seen winking and smiling in the plane that was carrying the dead President back home to Washington. What did that mean? We will never know what happened. They don't want to let us know. Could have been the mafia, could have been the Soviets, could have been Castro doing a payback...ect. All I know is that a shooter was to the side and front of Kennedy. You can watch the tape slowed down and see his head whip up and back to the left. No shot from Oswald could have defied the laws of physics to replicate that.

foneboothOct. 18, 13 6:35 AM

I do believe there was a conspiracy and that Oswald did the shooting, but unfortunately a spokesman like Jesse raises (or lowers) it to a comedy of absurdity. At this point it is useful only as a conversation point over drinks at a party. To write a book about it is a waste of time...unless of course you are Jesse and need a quick buck...

foneboothOct. 18, 13 6:36 AM

chop1234...good observation...

mplsjimOct. 18, 13 7:47 AM

Multiple people saw a lone gunmen on the 6th floor of the book repository, they saw the gun, it was his gun, he worked there, it had his fingerprints, etc. Ventura has zero credibility, again.

doubledinavOct. 18, 13 8:45 AM

Read "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner. A very through account that proves to me that Oswald acted alone. However, people are going to believe what they want to believe, facts notwithstanding.

spicebearOct. 18, 13 9:03 AM

Many CTs question whether Oswald could have made the shots from that distance. Last fall my teenage daughter downed a running deer at a similar distance and angle with a .308 (smaller cartridge than Oswald used). A well-sighted rifle and practice is all that would have been necessary and there is ample evidence Oswald practiced frequently with the rifle prior to Nov 22nd and was capable of making sequential aimed shots with a bolt-action rifle. I apply Occam's Razor in this case. Best explanation is Oswald did it and did it alone.


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