Minnesota Republicans saw little choice on fiscal compromise

  • Article by: Kevin Diaz , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 17, 2013 - 10:36 AM

WASHINGTON – From Congress, a pair of Minnesota Republicans send their regrets.

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drichmnOct. 16, 13 9:59 PM

Kline has voted lockstep with the tea party right up until the last vote. The only reason he voted for this deal is to try to help his reelection chances. He never once spoke against shutting down the govt or stopping the crazy default talk from the right.

fiveofusOct. 16, 1310:06 PM

Obama compromise = Obama's way.

JohnKaOct. 16, 1310:11 PM

Memo to Don Shelby: Please reconsider. Paulsen is vulnerable.

Wally_99Oct. 16, 1310:34 PM

As usual, the socialists in this state get their way. Well - next January and February are going to be verrrrrry interesting months. That is when the conservatives will FINALLY get their way for a change. The message will be loud and clear: stop the spending debacle.

formergopOct. 16, 1310:35 PM

How are those signed pledges working for the teapublicans?

Wally_99Oct. 16, 1310:35 PM

JohnKa - by suggesting this, you're not at all admitting that DFL-Don had a socialist bias to the way he presented "news," are you??????????

treddleOct. 16, 1310:36 PM

This is supposed to be a two party system. Since Gingrich the republicans have been the party of jokes. If our system of government is going to work, there has to be two viable electable political parties and the republicans are not. For the good of our nation, someone has to present a second party that is conservative (meaning our nation's forests, wetlands, and prairies are valuable for future generations). A second party that can present viable alternative ideas and solutions. A second party that believes in the separation of church and state. A second party that truly believes the government can only spend the same amount it brought in for revenues and believes and practices that not only when the democrats are in the majority but when they are in the majority. A second party that can present a balanced budget. The republicans haven't done that since Eisenhower. A second party that puts America first in its rhetoric and in practice. Mitt Romney, the last republican presidential candidate, bought Iranian crude oil; had it refined in China; and sold it to North Korea. I cant vote for a person like that and either could the majority of Americans. For the survival of our nation, we need a viable second party and the republicans are not it. If Abraham Lincoln could see what has come of the republican party, he would be a democrat. Shame on you.

honeybooOct. 16, 1310:39 PM

Kline the RINO.

lemursOct. 16, 1310:44 PM

That so many Republicans voted for a funding bill that was even worse for them than the one before the shutdown shows how much of a disaster this fool's errand has been to their party.

truthtimeOct. 16, 1310:55 PM

Is this what a spanking of a political party looks like? The TP are doing their best to splinter the GOP in two and make even someone like Paulsen, who appears to have learned nothing from his mentor (Ramstad), vulnerable. I'm sad because even though he is GOP, I had hopes he would be a moderate GOP, but he fears a TP primary challenge so bad he appears trembling. As for Kline, I liked his service to his country until he got out of his uniform, now he is always working against what is best for this country's people.


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