GOP comes up empty: What were they thinking?

  • Article by: Margaret Carlson and Ramesh Ponnuru , Bloomberg
  • Updated: October 16, 2013 - 2:51 PM

Pundits ponder the end of another round in the endless Washington standoff

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theagonybhoOct. 16, 13 2:54 PM

PSSSST just so you know the DEMS came up empty too, when we revisit this in 10 weeks everything will be back on the table except the ACA, dont expect any different, no debt limit raise without equal cuts.

davehougOct. 16, 13 3:11 PM

Definition of a statesman. "This is good for the country, bad for me. So let's do this." Definition of a politician. "This is good for me, bad for the country. So let's do this." :(

LakeliverOct. 16, 13 3:33 PM

Heck yes, let's cut: items like the completely unnecessary and experts tell us ineffective F-35 plane at a trillion, 400 grand; all oil subsidies; all subsides to huge farmers who need no help, just as Eisenhower said about the very rich long ago; and this is just a start. At the same time, tax the ultra-rich, who have the lowest rates since before the 50's: even Ben Stein said it would be necessary and on Fox "News" yet. Get entirely out of the bogus wars started by Bush W. for around 10 billion a month while at the same time cutting taxes, again mostly for the very rich. (The average worker realized about 1-200 bucks, while Trump and those like him averaged 30-60 grand a year from those cuts.) Yes, there is other fat, most of it pork for local districts and for big campaign contributors. Get the huge money out of campaigns and the bribery resulting from it and things will start to improve immediately. Also, eliminate offshore tax havens and the 4-500 billion dollars lost every year from people failing to pay the taxes they owe. and we who haven't the money for tax accountants and lawyers are exploited to make up the difference.

vlombardyOct. 16, 13 3:37 PM

The point is that they AREN'T thinking. If they were, the ACA would be dropped for universal single payer health care, like the rest of the developed world. And the ploliticos could then start arguing over what to do with the savings of 5 or 6% of our GDP.

notmnsureOct. 16, 13 3:38 PM

Dems can now continue to spend like drunken sailors for the next 10-weeks before they have to sober up again. In wonder if they will try to cut from the budget...or will they just expect another cap raising so they can hand out $$Billions in pork just in time for the 2014 elections?

stribreaderzOct. 16, 13 3:40 PM

I believe we are witnessing the slow agonizing death of an American institution...The Republican Party.

pumiceOct. 16, 13 3:40 PM

Re: "[D]ont expect any different, no debt limit raise without equal cuts." Ramesh will surely take exception to that prescription, theagonybho. After all, Ramesh endorsed firing everyone responsible for technological problems with the ACA rollout. After that declaration, I fully expect Ramesh to advocate for an alternate plan: No debt limit increase without levying a tax to pay for Afghanistan and Iraq; make Medicare, Part D self-sustaining; repeal across-the-board sequestration cuts and replace them with cuts targeted at wasteful spending which doesn't promote the common good; and, oh, repeal the tax cuts responsible for doubling the national debt and replace them with progressive tax rates and taxes on all income, not just income from work.

boris123Oct. 16, 13 3:46 PM

No they did not come up empty. Shutting down 15% of govt was a good start, hate to see it end as we should be building on the momentum as there surely is more than 15% of govt that can be eliminated.

richieOct. 16, 13 3:49 PM

They weren't thinking . kind of like the Minnesota Republicans.

dirtydogsOct. 16, 13 3:50 PM

What the GOP tried to do was outright blackmail. They held the US hostage in an effort to get concessions. The new healthcare program is the law. If they don't like it, then can find the appropriate way to take the law off the books. To try and defund the program and hold the rest of the US economy hostage is unforgiveable. So they take their ball and go home so the rest can't play. Washington must be selling a ton of eggs right about now and they are being plastered all over the faces of the Tea Party and the rest of the GOP.


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