For three days, I was disconnected. Here's my report.

  • Article by: REKHA BASU , Des Moines Register
  • Updated: October 15, 2013 - 6:20 PM

Didn’t mean to leave my cellphone behind, but glad I did.

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Flannel GuyOct. 16, 13 1:15 AM

Jesus Jones: "Right here, right now. There is no other place I'd rather be".

stribreaderzOct. 16, 13 6:11 AM

I read this story on my cellphone.

comment229Oct. 16, 13 6:55 AM

Before cell phones, I encountered another problem that we should give a name to... you know, one of those newly coined terms? It has evolved from pre-cell phone days, when I was at an auto parts store, an employee started to help me, when the phone rang, and he excused himself; and he answered the phone, took care of that person on the phone, and then got back to me, when, you guessed it, the phone rang again, and the same thing happened. I have a lot of patience and probably too much, but when it happened the third time, I walked out. Now, move ahead in time... Have you ever started a conversation with someone, and their cell phone rings, and instead of continuing the conversation, they answer the phone? And you sit there, like a ninny, listening to their end of the conversation with their neighbor whose dog has diarrhea? Can we please coin a name for this type of behavior; the cell phone answering problem I mean, not the diarrhea?

barbjensOct. 16, 13 8:36 AM

Also, the story about someone in NY or Boston, peoples riding on the train were so totally absorbed in their phones that they neglected to notice a man pulling out a gun and pointing it several times before finally shooting someone. NO ONE noticed the man with the gun.

stripeOct. 16, 1311:00 AM

comment229 you are spot on with that observation. I have noticed it again and again. People always prioritize the ringing phone over all other things. This is also true for any beep or chime: it requires immediate attention. I try to make a point of letting the phone ring if I'm engaged with someone else, but admittedly unless you've planned to deal with the ringing, it can become its own problem.

LauralundOct. 16, 1311:08 AM

I find it a little sad how many people experience live music through the lens of their phone rather than being fully present. While traveling, one of the most fun thing about wandering around a city without technology is getting lost and stumbling across a wonderful restaurant, park, or neighborhood that you hadn't planned to see.

tituspulloOct. 16, 13 1:01 PM

LauralundOct. 16, 1311:08 AM I find it a little sad how many people experience live music through the lens of their phone rather than being fully present.____________It's amazing, isn't it? I was at a show at First Avenue not long ago and it was nothing but a sea of people watching it through their cell phones. Or a few Saturdays ago, I was watching an SEC football game, possible LSU/Georgia on TV and it was overtime...crowd going nuts, team driving towards the goal...the camera cuts to a close up of the crowd sitting closest to the field and of course...a bunch of people staring at the palm of their hand. It's really sad.

aarghmebuckoOct. 16, 13 1:21 PM

I just came back from a trip. Everyone in the airport had their head buried in a phone. Nearly everyone in DT restaurants had their heads buried in their phones - even couples sitting together. I am old enough to remember everyone complaining how Walkmans were isolating everyone. I guess someday people will look back at phones the same way, as everyone will be observed in their Oculus Prime virtual world.

BVMannOct. 16, 13 1:42 PM

Parents - teach your kids......YOU control your phone - the phone does not control you! There is no such thing as distracted driving, btw - it is inattentive driving. The phone does not CAUSE the driver to look away. The DRIVER causes the driver to look away.

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