Lynx celebrate WNBA championship at Target Center

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  • Updated: October 14, 2013 - 1:46 PM

The WBA champion Minnesota Lynx held a boisterous pep rally Monday afternoon to clelebrate their second WNBA championship in three years.

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dragon2000Oct. 14, 1312:04 PM

This should be front page, top headline at the website. What a surprise, it is not.

daveschuOct. 14, 1312:39 PM

Something wonderful to celebrate! Agree with first post...let's hear the good news loud and clear!

jrtaftOct. 14, 1312:49 PM

This is an outstanding accomplishment by the Lynx. The reason this is not front page, top headline material is simple...the WNBA is not popular enough among the masses to warrant such a position. Northern Minnesota has some of the finest curling teams in the world. They're never mentioned in the paper for the same reason the Lynx aren't on the top of the page. That doesn't mean Lynx fans can't be very proud of their team or that the players haven't accomplished something very special. But any rational person can understand why this is not front page news.

MaxpayneOct. 14, 1312:58 PM

What's the WBA?

hoops34Oct. 14, 13 3:08 PM

@jrtaft, "Northern Minnesota has some of the finest curling teams in the world." LOL, really? You're going to compare the WNBA to curling? Your antiquated premise is patronizing and condescending & precisely the problem. Between 12K-15K people attended each of the Finals games @ Target Center. It's fair to say that's more than a passing interest. There is a fan base. The real issue is men control sports departments at the networks & the print in most media outlets & because they're not interested, the women's teams get no pub. Beyond the grassroots efforts of other fans, the only way women's basketball (or any sport, frankly)is going to garner more interest is publicity. It's reprehensible on a night when the Vikings had a bye, the Lynx couldn't even get top billing for their 1st championship series game in the STRIB or on any newscast locally. Instead, the speculation over whether the Vikings MIGHT land Josh Freeman lead the sports segment. Then, the Tuesday night game was pushed from ESPN to ESPN 10 or whatever channel it was on,for the World Series of Poker (which was, in fact, a rerun of the live event which originally aired in July). The fact they're forced to wear jersey's with advertising on the front is laughable. They try to make a mockery of the women's game at every turn. Maybe when the male dominated news media decides this is actually a sport women can and do play well & is worthy of more than a patronizing nod in the last 10 seconds of the sportscast, it will lead. Til then, keep on keepin' on, Lynx. Those of us with opposable thumbs appreciate the effort you've put forth year after year and with no ego, new stadium, or publicity. You represent your sport, this State and women with dignity and class.

kinnickOct. 14, 13 3:46 PM

I was always under the impression the NBA funded the WNBA? Announced crowd of 5,000 showed up in Atlanta for the game,doesn't say much for a 'championship' game!

jrtaftOct. 14, 13 4:23 PM

@hoops34, you are correct, between 12k and 15k attended the finals games at Target center. The stadium holds 18k. The Lynx couldn’t even sell out the championship game. Again, that doesn’t mean Lynx fans shouldn’t be proud of their team, and that doesn’t mean players haven’t accomplished something great, it just means the public interest is not that high. You commented that it’s a “joke” they are “forced” to wear jerseys with advertising on them. Sports ownership has long looked for ways to make money. Look at the Premier League overseas. They have likely the largest fan following of any league in the world, and they wear advertising on their jerseys. I respect and applaud what WNBA athletes accomplish every night. But the fact is, there is no male conspiracy here to keep the WNBA down, it’s just not popular in the larger sense. They couldn’t even sell out the championship game…numbers don’t lie.

bigbradOct. 14, 13 4:37 PM

Come celebrate at the Target Center, thousands of empty seats available as always...

hoops34Oct. 14, 13 5:53 PM

For argument's sake, let's say there are potential WNBA fans in the world. Are they more likely to stumble across that game on ESPN or ESPN 2, which isn't included in many standard cable packages? Did you know who Tony Hawk was or know what the X-games or even snowboarding were 25 years ago? Do you now? Why do you know what/who that is now? Because it's gotten publicity. Yes those things enjoyed a moderate regional following but the reason the general public knows about it now is publicity. There are little to no endorsements for women, so unless they're seen on the court, there's no way to identify with them. The uniforms are embarrassing. This isn't Legion ball. It's supposed to be professional basketball. And are you telling me they can't swing $5000 for uniforms, sans the Boost Mobile logo? Additionally,I would never use ATL as the bar by which interest is measured in ANY professional sport. It's historically a terrible sports town. There are perenially an open sea of empty seats at Braves games Til they get to the playoffs. And I wonder if the attendance would have been different if they hadn't been displaced by Disney on Ice? Lastly, how many Wolves/Vikings/Twins/Wild seats, on any given day, are purchased by corporations? Look at who holds the executive positions in those companies. Think they're buying Lynx tickets, LOL? Corporations hand out tickets all the time to a lot of people who might otherwise never see a game, which sparks interest. The main point I'm trying to articulate in all of this is, you are comparing the Lynx appeal to other professional sports assuming a level playing field. They receive nowhere near 1/4 of the marketing or publicity the other (mens) professional sports team in town receive, even though their product is better. If they pushed the WNBA product 5-10% more, the attendance would change as well.

ladylynxOct. 14, 13 9:08 PM

All rightie then.. Lets celebrate on official "LYNX DAY". All you haters continue to hate... All us fans continue to support Lynx & WNBA! 2nd Championship for Minnesota Lynx basketball..... Its a party in this joint... Thanks Lynx for your awesome team work... HEYAH!

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