State GOP regroups, rebuilds around uncertain national political landscape

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 12, 2013 - 10:44 PM

Activists work to put debt and scandal in the past, and unify the faithful.

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hammarhead1Oct. 12, 1310:38 PM

I cannot vote for any GOP candidate now.

markeyboyOct. 12, 1311:04 PM

"GOP activists are quarreling with business groups over the best way to attack DFLers, even as the party is trying to win back its big donors" Attacking the DFL just does not win over voters. Being against everything and not being able to articulate what you are for is clearly a symptom of the flawed GOP platform statewide and nationally.

Mark27Oct. 12, 1311:50 PM

Free advice for Minnesota against the cigarette tax. The only way your party with it's current untenable message can gain traction is to poach downscale DFLers who just got royally fleeced by Dayton the legislature to bankroll, among other things, the new Vikings stadium. No self-respecting smoker would allow this level of abuse to go unpunished, so the Republicans could win by default if the centerpiece of their 2014 campaign was a not-so-subtle reminder to smokers of the extent of the abuse waged against them by the "party of the little guy". But if Minnesota Republicans once again tailor their message to the hardships of multimillionaires, their losing streak will continue.

luzhishenOct. 13, 13 1:02 AM

So which GOP is it...the Bachmann GOP? The Kline GOP? What other flavors are still left?

jweb1958Oct. 13, 13 1:18 AM

The root problem for the Minnesota GOP is that the people who turn out in our absurd caucus system are religious fanatics and Ron Paul/libertarian crackpots. They nominate candidates with very narrow appeal to an electorate that is overall moderately liberal. The DFL has gone strongly Left and should be vulnerable to strong GOP challengers, but the GOP keeps nominating extremists or angry nutcases (Tom Emmer). The only centrist voice in Minnesota is that of moderate Democrats, who are the only restraint on ultraliberal/dreamy Mark Dayton and the far Left big city Democrats, who are the dominant force in the DFL.

denmarkgirlOct. 13, 13 1:38 AM

Advice to state Repub party in MN, don't bother. By the way, last I read the state GOP still hadn't filed all of its returns or paid previous campaign violation fines. There shouldn't be anyone on a ballot with an "R" behind their name. They went broke. Besides that, now that Paulsen and Kline voted to bring down the MN economy - nobody's going to ever vote for a Repub in MN again anyway.

olson123456Oct. 13, 13 3:38 AM

So the Republicans in Minnesota have "renegotiated" their debt. That's code for "walking away" and probably stiffing a whole bunch of businesses. Mark Dayton is no prize catch by any stretch of the imagination, but if the contest for Governor on the Republican side is going to come down to who can steer farthest to the right, you're making your task all but impossible.

fwallenOct. 13, 13 3:52 AM

As a former Republican, I can tell you the current So called Republicans are not even close to the kind of Republican I remember. Howard Baker, Olympia Snowe, Margaret Chase Smith, and Lamar Alexander were national Republicans who understood governance and could reach consensus across the aisle. In Minnesota there were people like John Rose, Gary Laidig, and Arne who were fiscal conservatives with a social conscience. Today's "Republicans " are social conservatives, who are largely Christian, but don't reflect traditional Christian values. Worse they reject anyone that doesn't share their views. Sadly their efforts are resulting in a downward spiral. No hope!

comment229Oct. 13, 13 4:02 AM

markeyboy: The republican party did several autopsies to determine their problems when all they needed to do was to ask you. Your statement was 100% correct and every single time one of my republican friends says something negative, I ask him what he would do.... and get the same answer every time, which could be the slogan of the current republican party, "well, gee, I don't know, but not that!" And to think that over 30 years ago, I used to work for a republican candidate.

comment229Oct. 13, 13 4:07 AM

"Some well-funded, well-connected candidates" and this statement also indicates an internal problem in the republican party. Simply, those seem to be the values considered the most important to the republicans and to be fair and balanced (I don't believe I just wrote that) it can be said of the democratic party as well. I would be ashamed if my political choices were based on who is well funded or well connected. It is how we got the congress we have today and how is that working out for you?


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