Obamacare: The best-covered story that remains a mystery

  • Article by: By Trudy Lieberman
  • Updated: October 12, 2013 - 4:40 PM

At least half of Americans say they don’t know how the Affordable Care Act will affect them. Could that be because of how it was covered?

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davehougOct. 12, 1312:39 AM


davehougOct. 12, 1312:41 AM

There are many aspects to the whole law that must hang together to get EVERYONE insured. A very complicated story that is not as easy to report as back and forth sound bites.

davehougOct. 12, 1312:44 AM

The poor and the sick will be supported by the rich and healthy......sort of like ALL insurance. However, by having all insured, those who pay today won't have to pick up the tab for non-paid emergency room visits and other non-paid care. So there are some aspects even Ebenezer Scrooge likes :)

davehougOct. 12, 1312:45 AM

Males pick up the cost for females, young pick up the cost for old. Fair enough to bring everyone into the pool.......but never really mentioned by reporters.

aarghmebuckoOct. 12, 13 7:51 AM

It may be reported on often, but most Americans don't read newspapers. They get their news from tv, which spends less than 30 seconds per story. The Kentucky woman likely gets her "news" from Fox. The Strib has actually done good job explaining , too bad no one bothers to read it.

hanson64Oct. 12, 13 8:13 AM

If Fox would tell the truth even part of the time the people would be better informed about this law.

flashbangOct. 12, 13 9:17 AM

Yes, its Fox that caused all the delays, exceptions, and confusion. hanson64, you are right! Lets blame others for Obamas signature legislation. Im sure the politicians and Unions asked for exemptions because of Bill Oreilly.

FreeMplsOct. 12, 1310:14 AM

The writer is correct in stating that wealth redistribution is necessary for the ACA to work as designed. Unfortunately the ACA's mechanisms of wealth redistribution won't pay the full expense of universal coverage (and all other goodies). The balance of the cost will be paid by the middle class by way of higher taxes and a less comfortable future because of an onerous, out-of-control federal debt.

tupelohoneyOct. 12, 1310:52 AM

let's see... the democrats never read the bill and passed it anyway. How could anyone know what was in it when they didn't? Add in a complicit media which adores obama and won't print the facts and you have a perfect storm. Don't forget that many low information voters heard it wouldn't cost them anything and many others bought the line it was going to reduce their insurance premiums.

mandansmomOct. 13, 13 7:43 AM

'a complicit media which adores obama and won't print the facts"

Too funny. Policies one dislikes can't be proven to be as terrible as one presumes, so the flaw must be in the reporting.....


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