Anxiety among families, providers as stimulus-funded increase in food stamps is set to expire

  • Article by: RIK STEVENS , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 10, 2013 - 8:24 AM

CONCORD, N.H. — A temporary increase in food stamps expires Oct. 31, meaning for millions of Americans, the benefits that help put food on the table won't stretch as far as they have for the past four years.

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gophercrazyOct. 10, 13 6:55 AM

Does anybody else see something terribly wrong about this article??? NOT that food stamps are being cut, but just the opposite! Once we (the taxpayers, not Govt.) GIVE you this gift, the feeling of entitlement grows and grows among many of these recipients!!! ---- "Her food stamps had run out because of a previous cut from $500 to $61 a month that came about when the father of her 12-year-old son died, giving the boy survivor benefits that changed the family's income level." --- Granted it was tragic that a boy post his father, BUT those survivor benefits AGAIN are free money, replacing the free food stamps! She states that that "increase in income" somehow is a bad thing!!! THAT income, even though unearned free $$$, is now considered taxable! The food stamp program was TEMPORAY STIMULUS, never meant to last even this long! The feelings of entitlement out there is simply amazing!! --- One person stated in the article that the cut in food stamp benefits made her feel like "less of a person"!!! THAT is the sad mentality out there nowadays!! It used to be that if you TOOK benefits (free $$$), that you felt like less of a person! Sad!!!

martin68Oct. 10, 13 7:37 AM

Does anyone see any problem that so many people are dependent upon food stamps? If Obama's economy is truly getting better, why are the food stamp users still so high?

martin68Oct. 10, 13 7:42 AM

Does anyone see any problem that so many people are dependent upon food stamps? If Obama's economy is truly getting better, why are the food stamp users still so high? It used to be that people were ashamed to take food stamps and they did everythin possible to get off of welfare. Now, there is no shame. In fact, she states that she feels like less of a person because she is no longer receiving benefits.

kebu80Oct. 10, 13 7:45 AM

Oh, heaven forbid! Quick Obama, set aside another billon or two for these poor people. They promise to vote for you in the next election if you do. Ya, that's right I think he will try to finagle a third term!

parn0015Oct. 10, 13 8:40 AM

Wow...I think $600 is still enough for a month of food. I probably spend less than that for my family of four right now, and I don't even really budget.

texas_technomanOct. 10, 13 8:44 AM

Maybe if the minimum wage was higher than $7 @ hour some of these folks would be able to pay for their own food. The taxpayers are, in essence, subsidizing companies that pay less than a living wage. 15 years ago only 10% of those on food stamps were working poor. Now it's over 30%...the remainder are children and seniors.

spottedjagOct. 10, 13 8:53 AM

Half of the food-stamp reciepients are children. This is an important program. I am suprised that the article did not include a rebuttal to the "wasted federal money" arguement. The money is not wasted. It feeds our impoverished citizens, half being children, while contributing to the grocery and food-production business. A huge cut in food stamps means less business for farmers as well.

basia2186Oct. 10, 13 9:33 AM

Finally! When my parents were first married and needed more money ( they both worked full time) they delivered newspapers on weekends. My mother, who is now 83 years old, always told her 3 kids that "don't expect to make a good living on only 40 hours a week". Healthy welfare recipients would be better served by becoming more resourceful. Government should not be the provider of anything (other peoples money!) unless one is handicapped or elderly. Poor life choices should not be the responsibility of workers and taxpayers.

sunnyreaderOct. 10, 13 9:39 AM

Decent pay would go a long way to reducing food stamps. I know people who work hard at their jobs every day, and still are on food stamps out of necessity. It might be good for those so quick to knock these people down, to walk a mile in their shoes.

nathanhaleOct. 10, 13 9:45 AM

Even at the reduced rate that's $158 a week for a family of four. Seriously, who can't feed their family for a $158 dollars a week? My family of four comes in around $120 give or take with no problem. At the reduced rate it is still very generous.


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