Vikings find $975M isn't enough for everything in new stadium

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 10, 2013 - 6:38 AM

As groundbreaking nears on a new stadium, the team finds it may have to trim some amenities like a parking garage and a skyway.

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envoy30Oct. 9, 1310:00 PM

You would think the Wilf's could spend the money on the extras, but if you have an $84 million dollar payout waiting in the wings, you probably want to cut that freight elevator.

tom4sixOct. 9, 1310:01 PM

Is anyone surprised by this latest revelation? Hey Zygi, maybe you can cover it with some of the naming rights money?

dude01Oct. 9, 1310:03 PM

"We only have $975 million in the budget......" Has there ever been a larger display of arrogance and incompetence in the history of the U.S.?

bellamn16Oct. 9, 1310:05 PM

Every single time a money issue stood between the budget and the Twins' stadium having extra amenities, the Pohlads immediately ponied up for the difference. I bet the Wilfs won't pay a single penny more than they promised for the new Vikes stadium. That is value of local ownership, the difference between passion and pure profit, even when you are comparing billionaires to billionaires.

rshacklefordOct. 9, 1310:08 PM

(article quote): “We want to make sure we have that first-class facility,” said Don Becker, who helped negotiate the development agreement for the Vikings. ---- It will NOT be a first class facility. The Peoples' MULTIPURPOSE Stadium will lack a full baseball field and a full soccer field. As I have said for months, this completely wasteful project will be a DOME VERSION 2.0. It will not have real grass or the size to host world or even MLS class soccer events and it will still have that stupid baggie during the baseball season. How about a big 'ol SKOL to fans who will be paying thousands for their silly seats at a second class stadium for a second class football team?

bredpathOct. 9, 1310:10 PM

Seriously Wilf's?! Are you intentionally trying to make your fan base completely irate?! Throw some extra cash in this thing. Or are you not making enough off PSL's, naming rights, etc. C'mon!!!

kilofoxOct. 9, 1310:13 PM

Since Ziggy really isn't putting any of his money in the stadium, you'd think he could cough up a few million to keep the real stadium....maybe he can just soak the season ticker holders for a few more million.

clafaveOct. 9, 1310:22 PM

The price might be lower if Mortenson hadn't screwed over and bankrupted so many subcontractors on Target Field.

ColorcrayonOct. 9, 1310:27 PM

I would cut some amenities from the suites. In fact, cut that pathetic whole row of suites built into the first deck. It's a joke. The people who sit below those suites in that section are going to be so upset when they find out that the slope of that section is so flat that they won't be able to see the field nearly as well as the Metrodome. As Ron Burgundy would say: "That's just Dumb."

erikj3Oct. 9, 1310:33 PM

"Only" $975 million? How out of touch can Bagley be?


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