Unanswered questions may force a 'no' vote on Southwest LRT

  • Updated: October 8, 2013 - 6:29 PM

That’s why we, as leaders of the City Council, may oppose the Southwest Light Rail project.

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brianjapanOct. 8, 13 6:38 PM

Sure hope so, would save a LOT of taxpayer dollars.

jaynedrakeOct. 8, 13 6:45 PM

Oh, please. How the tunnels would affect our lakes and eco-system. In reality, Minneapolis(I am a resident) wants to stick St. Louis Park with the freight rather than let it stick to it's present route. If the freight was rerouted, would Minneapolis and the neighbors around the proposed Corridor route embrace the light rail trains on the surface. The answer is 'no' . Someone would sue. Fact is, the City Council of Minneapolis, the wealthy neighbors around this Corridor, or the Park Board would sue, even though the trail next to the rail line is not their land. The only sensible thing said by these council persons is that perhaps a new route should be looked at; aka the 29th street trench. Unfortunate, the great bungler chair of the met council couldn't be bothered. It is full speed ahead for her.

ffedericoOct. 8, 13 7:05 PM

It certainly is a 100-year decision- light rail is 100 years out of date.

deuce22deuceOct. 8, 13 7:28 PM

Postpone this project. Fast-track the Bottineau line (blue line extension) instead. #NoBrainer

davehougOct. 8, 13 7:47 PM

sooooo how much does it cost to re-locate a bike trail compared to heavy freight??

slpmommyOct. 8, 13 7:48 PM

Ms. Johnson and Mr.Lilligren -you sound upset that rerouting through St. Louis Park might not be legal. Have you ever LOOKED at where the stub line goes? Have you seen children playing, houses all over the place? And no safe place for any cars to go if they derail? Are you okay with that? What ever happened to being a good neighbor??? I love good public transportation, but can we first agree that humans should be safe???

myob_STOct. 8, 13 8:06 PM

Relocate the blasted trail. Build a raised bike corridor. Come ON - it is absolutely ludicrous to spend tens of millions more to avoid rerouting a bike trail. Let's be responsible adults here. If that doesn't settle it, then perhaps it's not really the problem. Perhaps the problem is really that Kenwood can't handle light rail. OOooo, poor babies.

supervon2Oct. 8, 13 8:21 PM

Trains pass through neighborhood all the time and they seem to have fatalities than the Hiawatha line has incurred.

minnlaw1963Oct. 8, 13 8:53 PM

The best option for dealing with this situation never discussed - - that is, condemn a few houses in order to widen the corridor. The reason the politicians never discuss this option is because there will be a political outcry by the few folks whose houses are being condemned. However, this is the best and most feasible option that best serves the interests of the community at large. The real estate that needs to be condemned can't be worth more than $20Million in aggregate. The cost of building a tunnel or rerouting the freight traffic is likely to be ten times this cost. The politicians should do their job - - make a tough, but feasible decision that benefits the metropolitan area generally. Condemn a few houses and get it done!

wryreaderOct. 8, 13 9:41 PM

Minneapolis SHOULD vote no, and so should every other municipality on this line. It is not the right alignment. It does not pass through populous parts of southwest Minneapolis, and it COULD, and it SHOULD. It makes no sense to spend this kind of money when the projected ridership is LOW, as is the case in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.


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