Anderson: Staying optimistic about the future of pheasants

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 5, 2013 - 5:23 PM

Under pressure now, with their numbers falling, pheasants ultimately will survive, and thrive, as prairies and grasslands — and clean water — are more widely appreciated.

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tkr380Oct. 5, 13 5:44 PM

But Dennis will continue voting for Democrats. What else is a columnist for the Star Tribune supposed to do? Dennis will whine about farm policy while voting for the party that pays farmers to do nothing but destroy habitat for government subsidies. He will vote for Democrats who have done nothing about draining aquifers across America. He will vote for Democrats that see every firearm as evil. He will vote for Democrats that put layer upon layer of undecipherable rules and regulations on hunting regulations.

woodyagOct. 5, 13 6:04 PM

tkr- you missed the big one; Dennis is cheering for - immigration! Those pheasants are all immigrants- ultimately from China, by way of Rome and England... Typical! Me; I'm for Native Americans. Like- Sharptails and Prairie Chickens- which used to be more abundant than pheasants ever were...

auericgopherOct. 5, 1311:18 PM

Mr. Anderson you in the Twin Towns have no idea of the population. I have lived on a farm in South West Minnesota and have raised and released pheasants on my property. We have shelters in a tree lines, alfalfa, corn and beans. We have birds in increasing numbers each year. We do not allow hunting for insurance reasons. Your macro management ideas will never work.

asdubiakOct. 6, 1310:39 AM

A coming renaissance in outdoor recreation. Really? I find that very hard to believe. If anything its only going to get worse. Yes, Dennis pheasants will survive but they are not going to thrive as you say. The good old days are past and CRP will never be the same.Thats a fact Dennis.

notmydnrOct. 6, 1311:00 AM

One other big factor impacting the decline in pheasants has been the unchecked war to eradicate coyotes and fox on the misguided notion that they eat too many pheasants. Doing so has opened the flood gates for egg-eating species like raccoons, skunks, and opossum, which on top of poor nesting weather, further reduce the breeding success for ducks and pheasants. Worse yet, without coyotes and fox, the food supply for hawks increases (mice, rabbits etc), which increases their populations and survival rates, and hawks DO eat pheasants- a lot of them- because pheasants fly to escape, and in flight, they become easy targets for hawks! Hawks are protected, so the only thing that will impact their populations is disease (like westnile), or a reduction in their food source or habitat. If you really want to help pheasants, STOP shooting coyotes!

jstwondrngOct. 6, 1312:03 PM

Mr. Anderson please tell us how much money has gone to Pheasants Forever to purchase environmental easements for hunting pheasants? The Lessard Council has given tens of millions Of Legasy dollars to PF to buy easements for hunting while the number of birds and hunters of all kinds are shrinking. The reason I am wondering is that you continue to argue against the use of these dollars to fight invasive species in our greatest fishing lakes. Is the use of that money more important to Pheasant hunters then to our anglers? I understand as founder and past chairman your interest in promoting pheasant hunting but using your position and news paper to promote the use of Legasy dollars for them at the expense of anglers fighting invasive species on our lakes is wrong. With all do respect.

samclemensOct. 6, 13 1:54 PM

To auericgopher: I tip my hat to you for your efforts to enhance Pheasant populations. Too bad your neighbors don't do the same. I live in SW MN as well and continue to see groves cut down, fence rows removed and plowed under, ditch bottom to ditch bottom farming and the use of pesticides that poison wildlife. And now we are letting cattle graze and destroy habitat cover in State owned wildlife areas. With policies and actions like that, wildlife will be hard pressed to thrive and prosper. Also, it is extremely hard for wildlife to survive the winter months when the landscape is as barren of winter cover as a pool table.

mankatoeastOct. 6, 13 4:20 PM

Reduce the hunting pressure on pheasants,ducks,wolfs,and moose. Don,t we love seeing our Minnesota animals flourish and multiply. But I suppose that cuts into somebodies pay check.

gimruisOct. 6, 13 8:30 PM

Open up a season on feral cats. The less cats there are, the more pheasants there will be.

imkirokOct. 7, 13 9:01 AM

tkr - I'm afraid you have it backwards. The Dems support increasing funding for CRP, while (as a whole - there are exceptions)the Republicans want to cut conservation funding, give subsidies to big ag corporate farmers, and sell off public lands. I don't think Mr. Anderson has ever said which party he votes for, but for hunters concerned about the future of wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities, history has shown Democrats to be a better bet.


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