Emotions high as Vänskä plays final concerts here

  • Article by: Kristin Tillotson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 5, 2013 - 5:10 PM

Where words had failed, concert put contract dispute into perspective. Both crowd and conductor were emotional.

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edmeleOct. 4, 1310:10 PM

Bravo to Vanska and the musicians. Good luck to Arne Carlson and friends who may try to resurrect a locked out orchestra.

totaltruthOct. 4, 1310:49 PM

‘We can’t lose our symphony.’

Sorry... But we have already lost our symphony. I know a few large contributors to the orchestra who have said that they will not contribute in the future. And there are many more than this.

When the orchestra members have more allegiance to their union than they have to their audience... Then it is time to replace them all.

jlestribOct. 4, 1311:30 PM

Sorry...total'truth' but the musicians ARE the union. They are are not acting for the union, but rather for themselves and for the good of this community by making sure we retain a world class orchestra in Minnesota not a third rate ensemble coupled with a shiny venue for pops music. Just in case you didn't notice, every vote they have taken has been UNANIMOUS. If some large donors are not supportive of the musicians, then they are not friends of the ORCHESTRA which is the musicians but perhaps friends of the entity or its management team who have badly bungled its finances. A lot of donors we talk to are completely fed with the way the lockout has been handled and how Maestro Vanska was driven out of town by MOA negotiators unilaterally walking away from the table. Thousands and thousands of us who are audience members and donors understand that the true strength and character of this orchestra is the musicians. We stand united with them and against the management and negotiating committee that are doing their level best to destroy this orchestra. The orchestra (the musicians in whatever form they choose to organize themselves) will be supported this fall and into the future by us.

lukasweberOct. 4, 1311:45 PM

Governor Carlson, thanks for your efforts. Please do not forget to include the Minnesota Twins in your thought process. After all, the Hennepin County taxpayers bought their new stadium for them. I think "Athletes for the Arts" would be a great name for your campaign.

lee4713Oct. 5, 1312:51 AM

Well MY chin started to tremble when they played the National Anthem at the start of the Lake Harriet concert. And Finlandia? Can I carry enough kleenex tomorrow night??

kryptonOct. 5, 13 3:17 AM

If ever anything cried out for city and state intervention, it is this tragic situation. We are flooded with stories involving the Vikings and the obscene amount of money going to support the billionaire ownership, but about the Orchestra, a 107 year old institution, there is virtually silence. Why? For $10 million a year government could pay the entire salaries owed the players. This is a slow motion tragedy which can be partially prevented by the immediate intervention of Governor Dayton and Mayor Rybak. Pray that this comes to pass.

ajnaguyOct. 5, 13 6:17 AM

totaltruth: Look through all of these pictures. Watch the video of Manny Laureano with James Lileks. Try to understand that the lightning that was captured in this bottle has been broken by the disrespect that management has shown for the people who create the product - 200 work rule changes, hiring of musicians taken out of the hands of the music director, corporate events over community outreach and audience building. You claim to know a lot - musicians who would jump at the chance to replace others, and now donors who will "never donate again" because of the "greedy" musicians. Again, NAME THEM. I DO know Manny Laureano, and I can tell you that 1)It's NOT the money, it's the changes the board has proposed; 2) There is no one in the Twin Cities who has worked more tirelessly to champion the cause of classical music, whether as an educator with Minnesota Youth Symphonies or coming to local schools to talk/work with students gratis. 3) He has contributed to the orchestra endowment himself. 4) He is not unique among the musicians - many work hard to raise money for the orchestra, contribute to the endowment, and work with young people. 5) Oh, and he just happens to be one of the best trumpeters on the planet. NOW - Tell me how a hot-shot trumpeter (or violinist, etc.) fresh out of Julliard, who is only here to fill a seat for a couple of years before moving on, is going to jump in and replace all of that. They aren't - they won't truly be a part of this community, because they'll be practicing for and travelling to that next audition. Being a Minnesota Orchestra musician is far more than just filling a chair in rehearsals and at concerts. I really hope you come to understand this, and what is REALLY being destroyed here.

parker0910Oct. 5, 13 6:27 AM

jlstrib- Then you and the "Thousands and thousands" who stand united with the musicians can simply accept the rise in ticket prices that would be needed to sustain their wage demands. My bet is that the Orchestra would fold within a year or 2 because few would be willing to pay that price.

chezjakeOct. 5, 13 7:26 AM

After each piece of course Vanska (and Ax) received wave after wave of applause and bravos. When Osmo had the orchestra stand, the deafening ROAR was bone-shaking. After the concert the musicians rushed to the lobby to hug the throngs who remained. Pre-concert and intermission conversations I heard were heavily peppered with "travesty," "on their own," "support them," "music," "I remember..." It was pretty easy to see where allegiances lay.

badcopperOct. 5, 13 7:33 AM

Krypton "For $10 million a year government could pay the entire salaries owed the players. "--- pretty much sums up the attitude if the musicians. They are "owed" salaries. Doesnt matter if there is money to pay them. Doesnt matter if their benefactors dont want to anti up the money to sustain these arbitrary salaries. If its truly not the money but rather the proposed changes to workrules.....lets put that to the test. Dont change rules but keep the salary reductions.


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