Two years to two Americas: Let's give it a go!

  • Article by: GREGG J. CAVANAGH
  • Updated: October 5, 2013 - 5:09 PM

Really, this idea of letting each side have its ideological laboratory is built right into the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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getcrazyOct. 4, 13 8:14 PM

@author - "As a conservative living in Minnesota, I recognize that I’ll probably have to move to Wyoming to reap the full benefits of this plan. On the other hand, if my suspicions about unrestrained liberalism are correct, I should be able to buy my house back in a decade or so for pennies on the dollar."--Apparently you are presently unaware of the price of a house in the most liberal part of Minneapolis or how fast they are going up. They are going up much faster than they are in Michelle Bachmans district. Faster by leagues. Why? Because people want to live here because the quality of people are much better and obviously smarter because we all know that HPV vaccinations won't give you autism.

pumiceOct. 4, 13 8:40 PM

Such a clever solution, Mr. Cavanagh. And, really, I had no idea of your political leaning until I got to the bottom of the article. (I suppose I could have logicked it out from telltale clues such as "deposit all of their money into one government account" and "anything that’s not already free" and "futons" and "Birkenstocks" and "light rail" and "Kumbaya Festival" and "sitar music" and "scented candles" and "arugula", but it's Friday.) I do have one niggling follow-up question: When you write, "In Darwinia, wealthy employers will line up their employees each Monday morning and fire half of them in order to instill a positive work ethic in the other half," I'm wondering what will the fired employees (whose number will grow week-by-week) do for income for the rest of their working lives? Will they all start small businesses in the military-industrial complex, become fabulously wealthy and line up their employees each Monday morning and fire half of them in order to instill a positive work ethic in the other half?

rgoldserOct. 4, 13 9:10 PM

We tried this once before. It was called the Civil War.

bogie246Oct. 4, 13 9:20 PM

We have the two Americas already. California and Texas. Michigan and North Dakota. Iliinois and Arizona. Guess which ones are prospering. In your Minnesota, we have Fargo and Moorhead. Workers live in Fargo and welfare recipients live in Moorhead. Fargo is growing and Moorhead is not, and that is fact. Minnesota attracts the takers but fortunately has so far powered through the drag of the non productive. It will not continue forever.

bogie246Oct. 4, 13 9:28 PM

Liberal posters believe once an employee is terminated, he/she will have to be supported by government forever. If the comfort of government was not there, I believe he/she would figure out what happened, fix it and become a contributing member of society. Which is a better outcome?

myob_STOct. 4, 13 9:58 PM

Oh, bogie, look it up. The states down south, that comprise the red states, garner far more in federal dollars than do northern blue states. Minnesota is a contributor state; Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas... they are all receiver states. Y'all got it backwards, friend.

aarghmebuckoOct. 4, 1310:39 PM

Het star-tribune, how do I get my own silly commentary published? Is there any requirements whatsoever, or can I put on my tinfoil hat and start a rant, facts be darned?

spicebearOct. 4, 1310:42 PM

Um, yeah... But, you can't call your half of 'Merica "Darwinia" since half of your supporters don't grok evolution and think Darwin was possessed by demons.

spicebearOct. 4, 1310:46 PM

bogie246... NoDak is a special case because of the oil patch. Minny, along with many of the other "liberal" states is doing quite well on unemployment and growth compared to the run-of-the-mill red state.

tituspulloOct. 5, 1312:09 AM

Don't hesitate, Gregg... go won't be missed.


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