Three-fourth of new Vikings stadium seats to carry one-time fees

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 4, 2013 - 8:28 PM

Season-ticket holders will pay an extra $500 to $10,000 licensing fee.

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kenw1952wOct. 3, 13 5:21 PM

Spoken like a true politician Mr. Dayton. You were one of the biggest supporters of a new Vikings stadium. Once the legislation passed and it was a done deal it's time for Mr. Dayton to begin campaigning for his next election by telling us all how he wasn't aware of the details of the agreement and how the Wilfs should pay more, there shouldn't be any PSL's, due diligence needed to be done on the Wilf's finances, he didn't know anything about the lawsuit against the Wilf's in New Jersey, yada yada yada. Dayton, you crawled in bed with the Wilf's and now you want us to believe that you don't even know them.

tkr380Oct. 3, 13 5:21 PM

What a fiasco. A criminal getting MN taxpayers to foot the bill for a stadium that makes him hundreds of millions over the next decade. Add that to enriching a bunch of adult men whose only contribution to life is being born with an ability to play a children's game very well...

rshacklefordOct. 3, 13 5:24 PM

Dayton said Thursday before the board meeting that “as far as I’m concerned, personally $1 for a personal seat license is $1 too much.” ---- Then show some guts and kill this until it can be fully reviewed next year. The team and its criminal owners are NOT going anywhere. Whatever that unnecessary stadium costs me, I will be getting back from it.

thetruth2Oct. 3, 13 5:25 PM

If Dayton had been smart, this money should have paid the taxpayers portion. It really is sad that there are that many people stupid enough to shell out that kind of money for the privilege of watching the Vikings,

tituspulloOct. 3, 13 5:25 PM the words of Johnny Rotten to an upset audience at the quality, or lack thereof, at one of their last shows...."Do you ever feel like you've been cheated?" I imagine that many of the people who donned Helga wigs and face paint to hold a vigil at the state Capitol, just for the honor of having that owner turn around and extract more money from them to walk into the palace that they're already paying for, might be feeling the same way. Told ya so.....

teddygOct. 3, 13 5:25 PM

Horrible. A group of 1st year business students from the U of M could have negotiated a far better deal for the city and state.

nkeithOct. 3, 13 5:27 PM

“But we had to make a deal and we had to get the owners of the team to make a deal,” he added. First of all, why? Secondly, did you have to do a deal where the actual owners are paying next to nothing? More corporate welfare.

donm251Oct. 3, 13 5:29 PM

"Although the licenses were spelled out in the stadium legislation approved by lawmakers in 2012, they have been a sore point with Dayton. Dayton said last fall that he was not aware that the fees were part of the team’s financing formula and has consistently opposed them as an important piece of the team’s contribution to construction costs." - Again, Dayton fails to read what he signs. Is he asleep at the wheel?

Cain2198Oct. 3, 13 5:30 PM

The whole reason we're tearing down a 65,000 seat stadium to build a fancier 65,000 seat stadium is so the Vikings can charge more money to attend games. So, this really shouldn't be a surprise. The Wilf's will pocket the PSL money, the stadium naming rights, and opt for a no-interest loan from the NFL, basically minimizing their skin in the game. The new stadium will immediately increase the franchise's net worth to the point where if the Wilf's choose to sell, they'll have made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Not a bad racket if you can get into it (and I guess convicted racketeers would know).

bdthompsonOct. 3, 13 5:31 PM

So much for the 'People's Stadium'. It has now become the 'Rich People's Stadium'. The Vikings can pay the rent for thirty years from just the seat licenses. To quote Snoopy, 'Blech!'.


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