Hill leaders, Obama trade blame as shutdown enters 3rd day; debt limit looms as riskier threat

  • Article by: JIM KUHNHENN , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 3, 2013 - 10:04 PM

WASHINGTON — Three days into a government shutdown, President Barack Obama pointedly blamed House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday for keeping federal agencies closed, while the bitter budget dispute moved closer to a more critical showdown over the nation's line of credit. The president canceled a trip to Asia to remain in the capital as the Treasury warned of calamitous results if Congress fails to raise the debt limit.

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thurstinOct. 3, 13 8:49 AM

It's all on Boehner. Let a clean CR be voted on up or down. It's that simple.

wisebookOct. 3, 13 9:01 AM

House Republicans seem to forget, the President (unlike them) is not running for re-election. Send the Canadian Senator from Texas home.

rayk1800Oct. 3, 13 9:50 AM

Tea Party isn't happy the plan didn't work and won't work. Looking to save face. I'm with Obama, don't pick and choose what parts of government to fund. All or nothing.

richieOct. 3, 13 9:57 AM

The Dems need to stand strong on this , The Republicans must be stopped from creating all of this false drama, a clean bill will pass if Boehner would just bring it to a vote.

ranger1873Oct. 3, 1310:16 AM

So let's see if I've got this straight. The Democrat Senate hasn't passed a budget since 2009, which makes this whole Continuing Resolution nonsense necessary, and won't approve any of the five separate government funding measures sent to it by the Republican House. The Democrat in the White House won't negotiate and his troops in Congress have an idea of compromise that is 'we get everything we want, you get nothing you want'. Yet somehow the shutdown is Republicans' fault. There's only one type of person who'd believe such lunacy: an Obama voter.

ranger1873Oct. 3, 1310:18 AM

Senator McConnell asked for unanimous consent last night to pass a House bill authorizing funding for Veterans' benefits. Senator Reid objected. Remind me again who the 'party of no' is.

tnesleyOct. 3, 1310:20 AM

The drama resides with the Senate. The last House proposal was to enforce the ACA as passed and signed. Eliminate the waivers and exemptions granted by the HHS. This is all that keeping government shutdown. Harry Reid refuses to identlfy members to meet with the House members to hammer out the differences.

bigtmnOct. 3, 1310:25 AM

I can't wait to see the results of the next election on the House!

Opus2013Oct. 3, 1310:30 AM

RE: Boehner said: "All we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the American people under Obamacare." ------------------------- Nothing is more irritating than to have Tea Party Republicans claim that they are speaking on behalf of the "American people." They speak for a minority -- they certainly don't speak for me, or a majority of this country.

waterbackOct. 3, 1310:31 AM

Remove the waivers and exemptions from ObamaCare and it would be more fair to everyone!


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