Orchestra impasse shows Minnesota's off-key priorities

  • Article by: BY ARNE CARLSON
  • Updated: October 1, 2013 - 3:02 PM

Too generous with Wilfs, we let the music die. What kind of a ‘legacy’ is this?

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rvjesseOct. 1, 1312:18 PM

Your 100% right Arne!!

wallyworldmnOct. 1, 1312:25 PM

The Minnesota Orchestra and the Vikings are an interesting study in contrasts. The thing that they have in common is that the "in person" experience for either of these groups is that they are priced out of the reach of most people. When the motivation is mostly money, the original reason for being is lost. I think that the "legacy" has faded over time as money is now the only thing that is front and center. It is all of us that have let the priorities slip away to the few that control everything.

fxs4266Oct. 1, 1312:27 PM

Absolutely correct Governor!

jphaunOct. 1, 1312:29 PM

Last time I checked, Comcast has not started offering an Orchestra Channel, Bravo hasn't started filming Real Musicians of the Twin Cities and ESPN is not televising Monday Night Symphony. The musicians are clearly very talented but the economic reality is that interest in the Minnesota Orchestra is plummeting and the current compensation model is unsustainable. Demonizing a Board that is made up of some of their biggest donors is the worst case of biting the hand that feeds you that I can think of.

wallwallOct. 1, 1312:29 PM

I was against the stadium and the Legacy Amendment. That being said Gov Carlson's connection between them and the orchestra is out of left field. The loss of money on the Orchestra suggests that either we disband them, find other sources (besides tax dollars) to fund it or cut what looks from many outsiders as rather large salaries for a business losing money. The Orchestra's members have the right to play hardball but may very soon be wishing the reality of the situation hit them earlier.

stolaf80Oct. 1, 1312:34 PM

Government shouldn't be paying for either the Vikings or the Minnesota Orchestra. The Orchestra already gets a break as a non-profit.

hawkeyedjbOct. 1, 1312:34 PM

It's all a matter of priorities, indeed. An institution that can certainly prosper with no taxpayer subsidies (the NFL) gets a half-billion dollar gift. Orchestras do not pay for themselves, but they don't have wealthy owners or employees making several million dollars annually. So which one do we choose to subsidize?

arspartzOct. 1, 1312:37 PM

Once again RINO Arne thinks the government needs to spend money on frivolity. Neither the Vikings nor the Orchestra should get a dime of tax payer monies.

buttlesOct. 1, 1312:48 PM

stolaf80 "Government shouldn't be paying for either the Vikings or the Minnesota Orchestra. The Orchestra already gets a break as a non-profit" == The NFL is a tax-exempt non-profit. Perhaps, with its $9 billion in profits last year, it should have paid for the Vikings stadium.

myob_STOct. 1, 13 1:02 PM

wallwall, the orchestra isn't a 'business losing money;' it's ART. Throughout history, art has required public or private donations. If you had to buy $100,000 worth of tools to do your job, plus you had $150,000 in educational expenses, would you be willing to do that job for what the orchestra board is offering? And, in particular, would you be willing to take a 25% reduction in pay while your employer remodeled the lobby instead of paying the people who draw in the paying customers and private donations? The musicians have demonstrated strength and resolve, and board has demonstrated sufficient cluelessness to lose a world-class conductor. Bravo.


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