Editorial on child-care unions was wrong

  • Article by: Lisa Thompson and Jennifer Munt
  • Updated: September 30, 2013 - 8:16 PM

The Star Tribune Editorial Board’s zealously degrading opposition is inconsistent with its other positions.

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bigbadbeanSep. 30, 13 8:16 PM

If the union bosses can't organize a union on their own they aren't wanted by the daycare owners or employees. That the DFL finds it necessary to assist them is obscene and should be illegal. This blatant pay-back for union dollars collected by the DFL is stunning.

davehougSep. 30, 13 8:43 PM

If “right to work” is wrong for Minnesota, why is it right for child-care providers? If low-wage workers deserve a raise, why is it OK for child-care providers to live in poverty? - - - GEE what you say makes sense.......UNTIL I realize it is the OWNERS who set their own rates instead of an employee you are talking about.

jbpaperSep. 30, 13 9:44 PM

"Minnesota’s in-home child-care providers, wrongly labeled “babysitters,” have long been denied basic labor protections, including the right to form a union and be paid at least a minimum wage."---- Who are they seeking labor protections from? They own their own business, which makes them their own boss.

jbpaperSep. 30, 13 9:49 PM

"The Star Tribune’s venomous opposition to a child-care union seems inconsistent with past editorials that oppose “right to work” laws and support raising the minimum wage and closing the achievement gap. Readers deserve answers."----- Not sure how the achievement gap fits in with the other ones but here is your answer on them. They deal with employees not business owners. I thought everyone was smart enough to figure that out but I guess not. If the Strib doesn't support a union or far left cause, you know its a bad idea.

wellthereugoSep. 30, 1310:57 PM

It's somewhat obvious that those who support this attempt have no clue what the legislation was attempting to do, heck you don't even know it was an attempt to organize small business owners against themselves. No management v. labor relationship. What else has the board endorsed that is "wrong" (only one can ponder)?

freedommarySep. 30, 1311:27 PM

Let me help: "if union bosses can't organize a union on their own...DFL finds it necessary to assist.. " - 1. No such thing as a "union boss" (go back to 1940's Hollywood for that scene) and 2. politicians only got involved because no law existed for this group (remember - politicians make laws). How can you even call it pay back when the "L" DFL stands for LABOR! The politicians were doing what people voted for them to do: standing up for our labor.

freedommarySep. 30, 1311:33 PM

Organize small businesses against themselves?? You couldn't be more wrong on your interpretation. Read the law for yourself: people who take care of kids and get paid by the state want to be able to negotiate with the state on how they get paid and how they get treated by the state.

albundy74Sep. 30, 1311:39 PM

Because daycare isn't expensive enough, let's unionize. Ahh, but there's the added benefit of an employer rendered unable to fire a bad worker that poses a risk to children for the simple fact that they're in the union. Come on folks "Think of the Children!" .

albundy74Sep. 30, 1311:42 PM

freedommary:"The politicians were doing what people voted for them to do: standing up for our labor" The DFL IS NOT about supporting labor. Nowhere was it more evident than last session then when they failed to raise minimum wage despite having control of the house, senate, and the governorship. Worse, rather than looking out for the working class they couldn't find a bad way fast enough to give our money to a billionaire NFL owner for a stadium ill conceived. That's the Minnesota DFL.

lisaswartOct. 1, 1312:05 AM

If you support "some unions" or every say out loud "unions had there place long ago" then you should open your eyes to the simple rights being asked for by another group of people. I know unions made the middle class in this country and I know they are the only thing keeping this country from returning to a system of all them power and wealth being in the hands of just a few. We are on our way and you don't have to look any further than the people behind the Federal Govt shutdown. Go unions!! - whoever you are and whatever the work it is you do! If you are collecting more money into your bank accounts then all the people working for you -- YOU are the enemy of a free society! certainly not a union of people who won't make in a year what those CEOs are making in a heart beat.


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