First shutdown in 17 years: Senate and House rejected each other's plans as deadline neared

  • Article by: DAVID ESPO , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 1, 2013 - 5:40 AM

WASHINGTON — For the first time in nearly two decades, the federal government staggered into a partial shutdown early Tuesday morning after congressional Republicans stubbornly demanded changes in the nation's health care law as the price for essential federal funding and President Barack Obama and Democrats adamantly refused.

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kleindropperSep. 30, 13 8:17 AM

Here is a golden chance for Amy and Al to repeal the medical device tax they implemented. Will they do it or are they all talk?

DescartesSep. 30, 13 8:30 AM

I have been having an increasingly difficult time separating the actions of the Republicans from other political terrorist parties. They are willing to take a whole country down over their single item agenda, they are willing to have hundreds of thousands of innocent people suffer...sounds like a terrorist organization to me.

jgporter6Sep. 30, 13 8:35 AM

I am in awe of the Republican Party. How can anyone not stand in awe of a Party that can convince so many middle class people to side with them to advance their true cause, which is and always has been,to enhance and protect the lifestyle of the one-percenters. When you strip away all the rhetoric and posturing and look at who has done well throughout our economic crisis (not just the current one) it is the very top--the one-percenters. But still it isn't enough for the Republican Party. No, they insist on shutting down the government to prevent 48 million fellow Americans from buying affordable health care. Even in the face of this soulless tactic they are able to convince so many people that they are working for America. Hats off to you, Republican Party, Masters of Delusion.

kkjerSep. 30, 13 8:41 AM

The GOP has gone completely whacko. I have been a lifelong Republican and I have never seen so much incompetence and lack of responsibility in my entire life and I am 70 years old. Paying soldiers and keeping the government running has absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare, which incidentally I oppose several parts of. The GOP has become so caught up in a few issues that they have lost sight of what they are hired to do.

jgporter6Sep. 30, 13 8:43 AM

If the Republican Party succeeds today in its effort to shut down the government it will be interesting to see how many billions are erased from peoples' investment and retirement accounts. Do they want the economic doldrums to ever end?

peoplewatchrSep. 30, 13 8:44 AM

Isn't it a two way street? Yes the GOP is pushing for a one year delay on Obamacare but the Dems and the Obama are refusing to negotiate. So who is really causing the govt shutdown? I thought being a elected official, part of your job was to negotiate and work with the other party to create a better country. It sure seems that Obama feels it's "his way or the highway"!

avejoeconSep. 30, 13 8:48 AM

Obama, the ONLY president in history to cause a shutdown because he refused to negotiate. Both Bush's did it, Reagan Did it, Carter, and Clinton did it. But Obama refuses.

drichmnSep. 30, 13 9:11 AM

How very un-democratic of the conservative Republican's. They couldn't get rid of the law by a Constitutional challenge and didn't have enough votes the 40 times they tried to repeal it so they want to shut down the government or default on our debts in order to impose their ideology on the rest of us.

spicebearSep. 30, 13 9:18 AM

I could ALMOST understand this foolishness if it were over PENDING legislation, but it is not. To pull this stunt over a law passed 3 years ago is quite simply irresponsible. The other thing that bugs me is that the Leaders of the GOP are letting the agenda be controlled by a minority group of very junior members. Do they have no discipline in the GOP? Yesterday Bill Clinton publicly advised Obama not to blink. If there was any doubt what he was going to do I think that erased it. Enjoy the shutdown folks. Stay tuned for an entertaining family feud in the former GOP.

dirtydogsSep. 30, 13 9:27 AM

GOP is holding Americans hostage. Obamacare is a reality. Many folks who are either self employed or have preexisting conditions will be able to purchase health insurance. Let's give it a shot, and if it does not work, then the GOP can say I told you so. But at this stage of the game to cause a government shutdown is all on the backs of the conservative republicans.


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