Insurance exchange will force choices

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY and JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: September 29, 2013 - 6:29 AM

Shopping for insurance just got personal. Are you ready?

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dflleftSep. 28, 1310:08 PM

employer mandate now delayed a year? Now we find out that they can't figure out the subsidy part so everyone is on the honor system? Yesterday we find out the small business exchange is delayed? this is how you describe failure.

alphasongSep. 28, 1310:22 PM

This means I can seriously consider going solo someday. Bring it on!

crystalbaySep. 29, 13 2:44 AM

"this is how you describe failure."...................The right wing only hopes that ACA doesn't succeed but it WILL. 47 million Americans without coverage, therefore access to adequate medical care is a situation we simply cannot tolerate any longer. As with Medicare or SS, there will be speed bumps early on until the system is fully streamlined, but to declare it a "failure" before it's even implemented is uncalled for. I personally know many people who are hanging on by their fingernails until Jan. 1 and I applaud this president for being the first one in the 102-year history of nearly every preceding president to attempting to get some form of national health insurance. Thank you, President Obama.

comment229Sep. 29, 13 3:48 AM

There is a ton of misinformation out there about MnSure. A person I work with needs to go to the MnSure website and sit down for a good hour to digest what he reads, and make some decisions. I did, and had a few questions. I used the form provided and got an answer from "Shane" the next day with the exact answer I was looking for. I still have one question pending, and it is political in nature so I am not sure I am going to get an answer. For all the self employed in the state, MnSure gives us a chance at decent insurance. Most of us have had extreme deductibles as part of a catastrophic plan simply because it is all we could afford, but it did not allow us to go to the doctor or get prescriptions. Now, we have a chance.

comment229Sep. 29, 13 3:52 AM

"Choosing the latter would mean paying more to see doctors at out-of-network places such as the Mayo Clinic." So, why do the people in SE MN have the highest premiums; because of Mayo? A solution would be to offer two plans for each MnSure category (medal of choice here). One would include the Mayo Clinic and satellites (Bronze Mayo), and the other would allow you to go to anything else in SE MN at a much lower premium (Bronze Non Mayo). Why is this not an option? A little politicking maybe?

mnlakersSep. 29, 13 7:12 AM

The SAD TRUTH is that all policy prices that are being spit out as a success is about 50% higher than a person could have bought a year ago - HOW CAN YOU CALL THAT A SUCCESS? The premiums for the family above that are on Minnesota Comprhensive Health Association (MCHA) will be abt 25-30% higher for the same comperable coverage in the exchange then when you add deductable and out of pocket maximums it will be pushing 45-50% higher than they now face. You call that Great? I call it a complete and utter Failure.

mnlakersSep. 29, 13 7:21 AM

People do not quite grasp yet that htere is 4 plans available with either a 40%, 30%, 20% or 10% co pays. These are so much higher thatn the averge person has had before. The maximum out of pockets are also high. SO PLEASE StarTribune tell the true story that this will hurt everyone more than what we had with regular insurance and the MCHA for the uninsurable. WE(the public) could have bought an ins policy for every uninsured person for so much less than what we are doing with this ACA.

dmay88Sep. 29, 13 7:41 AM

The strategy is to present this in such a way that people are so upset that they are willing to cede the whole thing to a single payer government run system. Mark my words!

tkr380Sep. 29, 13 7:55 AM

One in seven Americans that already HAD health insurance are losing their doctor AND their health plan because of Obamacare. Funny how Klobuchar, Franken, McCollum, etc now deny they knew that would happen.

tkr380Sep. 29, 13 7:59 AM

If Obamacare is such a good deal, how come Congressional staffers threatened to quit their jobs if they lost their Federal subsidy to help with their premiums under Obamacare. How come the Unions are passing resolutions condemning Obamacare. How come MNSure hides the deductibles, copays, and maximum out of pocket costs while making a FALSE claim that MN premiums are among the lowest in the nation in the exchanges. Yes, MN, Dayton and his Commerce Department supplied the media with only the twin cities average rates and then laid claim to them being "lower" than every other state "average". Unfortunately every other state was reporting state wide averages and MN did an "ooops" and just accidently reported only twin city averages. If MN had reported the correct number we would be right in the middle of the rating comparison. Neither high nor low, just in the middle.


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