Brunansky hoping first year as Twins coach isn't also his last

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 28, 2013 - 7:59 AM

The Twins offense took a step backward this year under the tutelage of former star Tom Brunansky.

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georgeregisSep. 28, 13 1:07 AM

Only with the Twins, or at the StarTribune, could there be speculation as to whether Brunansky will be back as "hitting" coach. Has less hitting, less contact with the baseball occurred under the "tutelage" of anyone employed as a hitting coach? The strikeout numbers are beyond comprehension; as of yesterday the Twins had whiffed ten times or more in 63 games!! Granted, Bruno's had precious few talents to tutelage, but if he and Gardy and Anderson aren't sharing a van to move stuff out of the locker room next week...

BallFourSep. 28, 13 1:12 AM

Batting coaches don't hit, and Bruno is a good guy. Still, like to see some of "the fans" step up and tell us all why they were all over Vavra last year but give Brunansky a free pass. "The fans" know it all, know more than Ryan or Anderson or Gardenhire of Vavra or Brunansky. And Bruno was the one they wanted. He had worked with so many of these players in the minors, "the fans" said. A hitting coach needed to be a successful MLB player, not some guy from Wisconsin, "the fans" said. I'd like "the fans" to tell us what happened.

fwallenSep. 28, 13 4:09 AM

Joe Vavra is a good guy and competent coach. Bruno is a good guy and a competent coach. Neither should be measured by what this lineup of shclumps can do in the batters box. Fire Ryan and Gardenhire. Then Pohlads take your big profit that the taxpayers have provided and go away.

meegwichSep. 28, 13 5:38 AM

The Twins shaking up some of the coaching staff last fall came after back-back miserable seasons, and for even the "expert" him-self, should have been no surprise. And remember, they also just reassigned him but fired the bullpen coach and third base coach. Pitching had been a much bigger issue for the Twins last season, but the Twins organization was very fond of Bruno and all the hype to make a splash led to the replacing of Vavra with Bruno and not the replacing of Rick Anderson, who wasn't going anywhere as long as Gardo was manager. In Vavra’s stint as hitting coach the Twins offense ranked 10th, 13th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 12th, and 8th, in runs scored among the 14 AL teams. Nothing really outstanding there when you consider the three best years the team had almost no turnover, a couple of All-Stars, playing teams within their own division which had terrible pitching etc. Bruno has had nothing but a revolving door of players and instability with any type of regular lineup. This year he'll be the next scapegoat for Ryan and Gardo...because heaven forbid getting rid of Anderson.

stanbobSep. 28, 13 6:16 AM

"And he is optimistic things will be better next year" At least he toes the company line...

rms316Sep. 28, 13 6:23 AM

This team doesn't need "fixing", it needs a complete overhaul starting with the ownership.

lthompson123Sep. 28, 13 6:25 AM

Meegwich@ right on. I'll also add, Vavra's playoff record as hitting coach was 0-9, with a total of 20 runs scored against 48 by the opposition. Pitching certainly was a big factor in the playoffs, but not the only one. Brunansky has had very little to work with the whole season, and the fact that Mauer has been out, Morneau traded, Willingham out most of the summer, etc, scoring runs would have been difficult if it was slow-pitch softball. But, I agree, he'll be the fall-guy and nothing will happen to Anderson, even though the same set of circumstances exist with a revolving door lineup and roster.

bobsanSep. 28, 13 6:47 AM

Why should Bruno be fired after one year when Gardy still has a job after numerous years of failure? He should keep his job until his bosses give him some players he can work with. What have they done to my Twinkies? Bring back those great days at the Dome.

rickschmidtSep. 28, 13 7:15 AM

BallFour- The same "fans" as you are referring to are the same fans that predicted another 90+ loss season, smiled politely at your Wild-Card prediction this year, smile politely every time your "stats" are disproved or corrected, try to figure out why you never actually make a comment other than trying to discredit someone else's, catch my drift?

greebsSep. 28, 13 8:06 AM

Ok just making I'm sure I understand this. Gardy should not get fired because its supposedly not any fault of his the team is lacking talent. three 90 plus losing seasons in a row but no problem because there are young studs in the minors that will be here in a couple years and then gardy will work his magic. And then there's Bruno who fears losing his job because this same team lacking talent isn't hitting and lost 90 plus games under Bruno's watch. What exactly is wrong with this picture? If it turns out that this team fires lower tier coaches again this year but retains gardy that will prove without a doubt this organization is the biggest joke in organized sports. And btw I'm not lobbying for Bruno. I'm just bewildered by how there can be little implications of accountability with this team except when it comes to the mgr.


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