Peace and quiet in public places? Ha!

  • Article by: Petula Dvorak , Washington Post
  • Updated: September 28, 2013 - 11:13 AM

Screaming kids are annoying. So are annoying (and annoyed) adults. As usual, this is on all of us.

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gophfan10101Sep. 27, 13 7:34 PM

Good luck with all of this. The new set of 21 year olds were raised to believe that nothing is their fault and they can do whatever they want and be annoying at the bar. These are the same people who now have the little brats that run wild at the same time. I could care less if your team is losing or if your little Jimmy can't sit still......control yourself and your brats!

bluedevil101Sep. 27, 13 8:47 PM

There are many adults that become immediately beligerent when asked to quiet down in restaurants. When that happens that's when the profanity and yelling really starts. No wonder we've got deaths this week at bars and restaurants when people just look at the wrong person, let along talk to them. Parents have relinquished teaching common sense and respect to children, so this is the society that we live in today. If you walk into a restaurant where things are too crazy, simply leave. Usually McDonalds isn't too crazy, even after Friday night football games.

mdachsSep. 27, 1310:27 PM

If you can't or won't control your kids in a restaurant, then please don't bring them! Take them to Chuckie Cheese or a similar place that is designed for parents and kids. Or find a babysitter and come to dinner without them. Very simple.

owatonnabillSep. 28, 13 8:18 AM

Heh. Applebee's (or any other place that serves hooch) runs the risk of the occasional rowdy drunk. Goes with the territory. Employing a bartender with no neck who answers to the name of Moose is one logical answer. But rowdy kids are something else again. There is a local buffet that is no longer frequented by owatonnabill and Spousal Unit due to an incident (actually repeated incidents) a couple of years back of grubby urchins grabbing handfuls of food out of the buffet line serving containers while the parents sat back and did nothing. We left before eating while explaining (loudly) why to the manager, who just stood back and looked helpless. The parents looked mystified and it is doubtful that they understood much of what we were saying. A rowdy drunk will probably wake up the next morning and feel some remorse over being a horse's bleep the night before. But uncontrolled kids will just keep doing it over and over. If you're in public, control your linoleum lizards! You're doing no one, least of all your own kids, any favors if you don't.

Thumper5316Sep. 28, 13 8:31 AM

Th majority of parents today have no clue what it takes to be a parent. They're lousy at it.

duddleySep. 28, 13 8:34 AM

Adults are not allowed to use their cell phones in our local library! Too disturbing to others. But noisy disruptive kids? Well you get the picture!

cartoonconnSep. 28, 13 9:03 AM

Hell is other people.--Satre

mikejones45Sep. 28, 1310:40 AM

Restaurants should have eating sections for the well behaved cute kids and one section for the average bratty obnoxious kids and put the latter next to the blowhards at the bar.

jdlellis1Sep. 28, 1311:31 AM

The operative word is "civility"! The masses wonder why Congress is as divisive as it is, yet do not consider that Congress, the House of Representatives in particular, represent the biases of various factions of our society. Furhter, most individuals get their social skills from modern media (TV, Music, Movies, Videos, etc.) which show kids being "cool" is the focus, being wiser than adults is the norm and in your face, prefered communications method. Go to most any athletic event at most any level and the objective is not to enjoy the athletics as much as it is to be as obnoxious as feasible. All of which carries over to everyday life.

guacamoleoleSep. 28, 1311:35 AM

Dinner at home again tonight. Yahoo!


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