Climate report by international panel says warming 'extremely likely' man-made

  • Article by: KARL RITTER , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 27, 2013 - 10:58 AM

STOCKHOLM — Scientists now believe it's "extremely likely" that human activity is the dominant cause of global warming, a long-term trend that is clear despite a recent plateau in the temperatures, an international climate panel said Friday.

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shushyn78Sep. 27, 13 5:12 AM

What? Nary a word about the previously onboard scientists and experts deserting the IPCC because the real evidence does not support the assertions of the panel. This study is a leaking ship and they are bailing water.

brownluisSep. 27, 13 5:33 AM

It is a UN-sponsored and therefore funded panel. That has no credibility whatsoever. I lived 10 years in Wash DC and knew many people at Dept of Agriculture, Defense, etc. Anytime I asked them about global warming, they just laughed. They said there is a small man-made component but most of the cause is due to natural earthly weather cycles.

danjSep. 27, 13 5:39 AM

This is an especially challenging issue for get people and organizations to pay attention to for at least a couple of reasons. First, it is gradual. Secondly, green house gasses aren't visible to the eye, nor can we typically smell them. Sadly this has become politicized and some otherwise intelligent folks have dug themselves in and are seemingly unwilling to recognize the threat to civilization that the world's scientists are raising. Yet, this is like a huge steamer heading toward destruction should we fail to change our course. I hope that this will be a call to action for those who have previously been skeptics. Future generations are counting on us.

u4775Sep. 27, 13 5:43 AM

I guess the author chose to ignore the fact that the report said global warming has stopped and they don't know why. That admission trashes all their precious computer models which assume temps and CO2 march in lockstep. Observation has proved they do not and even they now admit it.

karendavid816Sep. 27, 13 5:55 AM

It is odd (not really) that the report ignores their own recent documentation of wildly exaggerated scientific predictions because the time frames were too short, but then goes on to up the ante on how high the seas will rise by the end of the century. If this is a serious issue, the report would call for the end of eating meat and population control since people and animals produce lots more CO2 than burning fossil fuels. It will be interesting (not really) to see the pressure that the US and other western nations put on China to stop their pollution of the atmosphere.

rms316Sep. 27, 13 5:57 AM

Let's see the GOP try to refute this .

brucelieSep. 27, 13 6:10 AM

Those who resist this propaganda designed to give cover to left wing politicians seeking huge tax increases on energy to pay for bankrupt welfare states...

angleworm99Sep. 27, 13 6:32 AM

As a member of the Flat Earth Society, I and shushyn, are apalled at the suggestion that humans are the cause of global warming. This is another scam, just the like those fake images from space showing Earth as a round object planet. I'm waiting for some real evidence.

dentesterSep. 27, 13 6:33 AM

"... how to deal with a purported slowdown in warming in the past 15 years. Climate skeptics say this "hiatus" casts doubt on the scientific consensus on climate change." heh

medasrachelSep. 27, 13 6:33 AM

I would suggest that our denialists in Congress bet their life fortune on building at sea level. I would also like those who want to defund Obamacare to volunteer to go without health insurance for the next decade. Denialism is easy because these yahoos don't have any consequences.


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