Doubts, controversy persist over $975 million Vikings stadium deal

  • Article by: Richard Meryhew , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 27, 2013 - 6:55 AM

The political noise and skepticism aren’t likely to subside any time soon.

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zammanSep. 26, 1310:26 PM

Too bad the people could not vote on the people stadium? This was a lose-lose for the state of Minnesota and the wonderful leaders of this state are now laughing in their retirements. Even gov deer in the headlights says it is now a bust. Cancel the deal and start over with a moving van out of town. Arden Hills was the best place and that was just a pawn for Mayor RyBUCK.Let it go and send the Vikings away.

Bob_NelsonSep. 26, 1310:27 PM

You have to laugh at the liberal democrats that passed this stadium bill. They never mention the finance costs, only the construction costs. The mortgage on the building is half the cost!! The contract was there in black and white including the seat licenses. How can they claim they did not read the contract?!! Violation of the city charter requiring a vote? They did not read that either. Do they also know that the new building is no larger than the metrodome? Almost 2 billion dollars in costs and not one more seat than the metrodome. Democrat priorities - wasteful spending money needlessly.

dude01Sep. 26, 1310:31 PM

The level of incompetence is mind-boggling. One has to wonder about the IQ level of the people voting for these clowns.

erikj3Sep. 26, 1310:48 PM

@Bob_Nelson: "You have to laugh at the liberal democrats that passed this stadium bill."...Like Morrie Lanning and Julie Rosen?

ffedericoSep. 26, 1310:51 PM

Gov. Dayton was born into wealth and simply doesn't know the value of a dollar. He was a lousy senator and is a failed governor. The roof is caving in. Everything he's tried to do has blown up in his face.

infoninjaSep. 26, 1310:56 PM

Just disgusted by this whole mess. We got duped big time.

acefrehley78Sep. 26, 1311:04 PM

About time Morrie Lanning gets called out for this deal. He was the chief architect of the deal, and a conservative republican. If Dayton would have said no to the deal he would get blamed for the Vikes leaving. I say call the whole thing off, lets get the petition going.

bigtmnSep. 26, 1311:08 PM

I used to think politicians were supposed to represent the people that put them in office. I was naive.

minnelusaSep. 26, 1311:13 PM

ZAMMAN..I was going to poke Thumb UP on your comment until I got to the portion where you started ridiculing a person's physical looks. I would love to see your mug! Remember, nobody, not you or the Gov., are responsible for the body you were born into. Shame on you ! And yes, I gave you a thumbs down for your childish comment.

bstjernSep. 26, 1311:20 PM

Sure is a nice looking design. Does it have to have a football player on the outside?


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