Sen. Ted Cruz distorts history

  • Article by: Magda Teter
  • Updated: September 26, 2013 - 7:35 PM

Unfortunately, he's not alone.

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goferfanzSep. 26, 13 8:39 PM

A guy speaks for 21 hours, and we get outrage over 1 sentence? Really, arent there better ways to spend one's time and efforts than writing this boring column? One could expose pages of government lies every day.......

theruntSep. 26, 13 9:55 PM

Sure some might find Cruz's comments distasteful. But those who cheered Glenn Beck's never-ending parade of swastikas, and those who attended rallies holding Obama posters made to look like Hitler are eating it up.

pumiceSep. 26, 1310:30 PM

History is not the only thing Senator Cruz distorted. In addition to his same-old, same-old ACA distortions, Cruz distorted Dr. Seuss! According to Wiki: "Finally, the unnamed character accepts Sam-I-Am's offer and samples the green eggs and ham, which he finds he does indeed like."

chuckdancerSep. 26, 1311:32 PM

For conservatives there can be no such thing as history because there are no facts for a history. Everything can be molded and shaped to fit the present need.

ruysnSep. 26, 1311:37 PM

Cruz is a clown, but I am pretty sure he was referring to Chamberlain's appeasement BEFORE the invasion of Poland. So the opinion piece is unfair in that regard.

bizsmithSep. 27, 13 5:39 AM

But Green Eggs and Ham clarified everything.

jim4848Sep. 27, 13 5:41 AM

Cruz is not the only conservative trying to change history. Perhaps you've all read the erroneous quotes being circulated by conservatives. Quotes made up in the last 20 years attributed to the founding fathers.

Willy53Sep. 27, 13 6:43 AM

What these comments prove is a that republicans have long stopped understanding facts and the truth to guide them through their policy decisions. Cruz and almost every other republican simply use demagoguery to distort the truth and mislead their supporters. For a growing majority of people in America, this is becoming an embarrasement to our country and an outrageous affront to our dignity.

merkinSep. 27, 13 6:59 AM

People were right to get into an uproar over the financial services industry bonuses in 2008. Those clowns just about brought the entire world into a severe depression and yet they're partying like it's 1928! Put a few of them in jail and I bet they would sing a different tune.

cstoney48Sep. 27, 13 7:24 AM

It took a Herculean effort to make Rand Paul look substantive. Calgary Cruz was able to achieve that in his 21 hours of self promotion. One more Right Wing empty suit who neither knows nor honors history.


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