New Minnesota Orchestra offer includes $20K signing bonuses

  • Article by: Graydon Royce , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 26, 2013 - 10:06 PM

Musicians are “offended” board went public with proposal that includes $20,000 one-time bonus.

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samiamSep. 26, 13 3:40 PM

The lump sum might get them playing again but it is just kicking the can down the road

onionlovSep. 26, 13 3:57 PM

MO Musicians - I've been on your side from the beginning, so know when I say this it's with the understanding of how poorly you've been treated. Please accept this offer or something close. We can't lose Osmo!

MattlawSep. 26, 13 4:30 PM

The musicians are offended that these offers are being made public because they know that the public (themselves feeling the impact of this extremely difficult economy) find it hard to sympathize with their still very enviable "plight".

monacoSep. 26, 13 4:31 PM

If Campbell's objective is to eliminate the deficit, why on earth did they choose to spend $52 million on a renovation?

nordeastguySep. 26, 13 4:42 PM

"The board’s release said the three-year proposal would result in a deficit of $3.6 million over three years ". So where does this put the issue in three years? Another contract fight and more deficit. Good luck to both the musicians and the board.

jsbach2012Sep. 26, 13 4:44 PM

Why is it that the MOA needs to reveal these offers to the public and violate the confidentiality agreement? Do they think they are going to win the public over by doing this? If the musicians take this offer the MOA had better come up with some more ways to raise money so they aren't in the same mess 3 years down the road.

sukhinoSep. 26, 13 4:45 PM

Minnesota Orchestra Management: Stop negotiating through the media. Use your chosen mediator. $20,000 "bonus money" - what a joke. You've locked these people out of their jobs for a YEAR, and renovated your building to the tune of $50 million+ in the meantime.

otvallsSep. 26, 13 4:53 PM

Why is it that the musicians have as their spokesperson somebody who is tone-deaf? Several foundations and groups have raised close to two million dollars to help improve the offer. Regardless of whether the details of the deal turn out ultimately to be acceptable to the musicians or not, any comment by their spokesperson should have started big a big "Thank you" to these benefactors.

bubzkiSep. 26, 13 4:54 PM

We broke down and threw money at the Vikings when we got "desperate" to keep them from moving. In this same vein, the MO Board will get desperate and cave to the musicians at the eleventh hour. Also notable is how extremely unprofessional it was for the Board to leak this during confidential negotiations.

lee4713Sep. 26, 13 5:05 PM

The musicians are offended because the MOA is choosing to subvert the mediation and negotiation processes and instead go directly to the public. Total lack of professionalism and respect. And why is this article NOT mentioning the mediation agreement which the MOA refused? All I see here is the mention of 2.5 offers from mgmt. And "Save Osmo" money is contingent on Maestro Vanska staying with the orchestra, so that may not be certain. Funny how the "tapped out" community managed to find money, both this way and through the foundations and "community groups" mentioned above.


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