Jessica Lange to Dayton: Halt wolf hunting in Minnesota

  • Article by: Paul Walsh
  • Updated: September 26, 2013 - 9:37 PM

The actress urges the governor to suspend the next wolf hunting season in the state; he said he can’t.

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brocklander1Sep. 26, 1312:36 PM

If she wants Dayton to listen to her demands she should have her demands read by a union delegate. Dayton hops to attention each and every time one speaks to him.

KellyGeorgeSep. 26, 1312:52 PM

Good for Jessica! I love that she as a celebrity is taking a stand on this. I have never understood why they hunt them anyway. Just leave the animals alone! (the bears too!)

tntbabs1Sep. 26, 1312:57 PM

Hey Jessica, stop with the PETA crap! Are you not getting enough attention in Hollywood so you need to be heard here? I am a deer hunter, and it is a fair trade off so I can put meat in my freezer for my family.

lakneeSep. 26, 1312:58 PM

ARRey sez: As our planet's premier wildlife biologist, Lange undoubtedly will have Governor Dayton's ear.

hunt4foodSep. 26, 1312:59 PM

I'm curious why Ms. Lange favors the wolf population over the moose and deer population? Also, is she aware the population is back over 3000 with spring litters? We don't need another limousine liberal telling us how to live.

EleanoreSep. 26, 1312:59 PM

Common sense from a major motion picture star, a rare thing these days. I suppose growing up Minnesotan has a lot to do with it. Still, I think Lindsey Lohan could probably outwit our DNR and Governor when it comes to seeing those who value dollars over our future as a state.

dismaynardSep. 26, 13 1:07 PM

I normally don't agree with the Hollywood crowd, but in this case, they do not need to hunt down anymore wolves in this state. Maybe those that thought up this idea should have to watch a wolf die in a trap or snare. See if that is a humane way to rid the wilderness of these animals. Offer the governor a bigger silver spoon for his yapper, and he might listen to you.

r2d2midgetSep. 26, 13 1:10 PM

All it takes is one look at the current moose population to see that wolf hunt is necessary...

tmauelSep. 26, 13 1:16 PM

tntbabs1 I am sure you don't depend on a few wolves returning the deer population to a natural state to put meat in your freezer. In many parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin deer numbers have become a problem and extra bow and gun tags are being issued to control the population.

stpaulisbestSep. 26, 13 1:22 PM

Minnesota to Jessica Lange - While not a big fan of the wolf hunt I don't see why anyone should listen to you more than say, some full time resident of St. Cloud. You may be a Hollywood celebrity now, but in terms of Minnesota politics you're just another part time resident.


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