Insurance exchange may solve Minnesota's pediatric dental woes

  • Article by: Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 25, 2013 - 10:23 AM

Recently faulted for lapses in treating kids, state says new health care law should help address shortcomings in pediatric dentistry.

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mariezzSep. 25, 1312:04 AM

The lack of care in childhood is setting up these children for more problems with their teeth throughout their life, which will cost them far more money and take a toll on their overall health. This will raise costs for everyone. MN needs to increase what they pay to dentists, especially for preventive care for these children, so they can get in & see dentists before problems become root canals.

milkman53Sep. 25, 13 5:56 AM

I have health insurance but no dental. Can an adult buy in to just dental and at what cost?

workforit1Sep. 25, 13 6:34 AM

Am I the only one, or does everyone else realize this is not free. This does have to be paid for, and who do you think pays for it?

joe_mnSep. 25, 13 6:45 AM

insurance is 300 each month and 4000 deductible. after you pay 6000 total each yr, or thereabouts than you get help for dental coverage.

markc1Sep. 25, 13 6:47 AM

If we can afford invading the wrong country and tax cuts for the rich, then we can afford dental care for kids!

fursideSep. 25, 13 7:25 AM

Markc You have the correct perspective. What better place to put our public treasure than into all of our children.

Grin0048Sep. 25, 13 7:53 AM

workforit1: No, you are not the only one that realizes it costs us money. You are just one of the few who doesn't immediately recognize that providing dental care to poor kids is worth the cost.

workforit1Sep. 25, 13 8:05 AM

Grin0048? Worth what cost? Do you even know what the bill is, and what your share is? Does this include all of the imigrants? Define "poor"?

elle2008Sep. 25, 13 8:08 AM

I have dental insurance and only one question. Since when does a crown cost between 1100 and 1500? That is the problem with our dental system.

darkcircleSep. 25, 13 8:35 AM

The cost of dental insurance pays for the salaries of the dentist and what's left over goes towards your root canal. When will people understand that the cost of insurance with a private insurance company pays for a mustang convertible for the health insurance agent? Then after they make payments on their house on Lake Minnetonka, then they mail you your insurance coupon so your deductible is $275 and not $300 every time you visit the dentist.


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