Court: Rastafarian can carry pot pipe

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  • Updated: September 24, 2013 - 11:01 PM

The state Court of Appeals has sided with a Rastafarian, ruling that his right to religious expression trumps his conviction in Ramsey County District Court of a drug paraphernalia offense for carrying a glass pipe.

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averagejoemnSep. 24, 13 3:17 PM

Was MN seriously prosecuting somebody for a glass pipe?? What a complete waste of time and tax dollars. Wake up MN.

jd55604Sep. 24, 13 3:34 PM

Our ridiculous war on drugs has no limits. I wonder how many millions of dollars the state spent on this case?

mmediaSep. 24, 13 3:34 PM

“The state improperly ... argues that because the pipe may be used for an illegal purpose,” the teen is guilty, Halbrooks wrote. __ Rastafarians and Gun Rights Advocates working side by side for the rights of the individual!

liventhenowSep. 24, 13 3:42 PM

This is one of the silliest things I have even seen prosecuted by our DA's. Why in the world would they waste the taxpayers time and money by adding the 'drug paraphernalia' charge. The DA who brought this case has shown poor decision making ability, and should be removed. As for the teen, learn from this, and don't carry the pipe around. No good will come from it.

basia2186Sep. 24, 13 3:50 PM

Perhaps If light bulbs and aluminum foil had been banned there would have been no crack epidemic. The war on pot must end. Get the real criminals: gangsters and illegal aliens instead!

littlebootsSep. 24, 13 3:59 PM

Minnesota needs to stop aligning itself with the Red State Southern Conservative states when it comes to marijuana and stop embracing the failed policies of the past! Prohibition does not work. Please Minnesota, you are better than this, join the progressive states and the west coast and legalize marijuana today.

jd55604Sep. 24, 13 4:12 PM

Why did the Strib exclude the name or names of the prosecuting attorneys in this case? What are the names of the individuals who decided it was a good use of state resources to spend a fortune going after a kid and his pipe?

sooofedupSep. 24, 13 4:20 PM

Sounds like a whole lot 'O teens are going to be converting their "religion" !

radagastSep. 24, 13 4:27 PM

I think it's time for a Glass Pipe Day in Minnesota - a rally in front of the Ramsey D.A.'s office where everyone openly displays a glass pipe. Let them arrest everyone for a ridiculous, petty misdemeanor and flood the courts with these absurd cases. I would hate to burden an already overburdened court with this nonsense, but it would certainly illustrate to any and all how absolutely brain dead is the D.A., and the law they insist on enforcing - and I would bet that the judges would throw it all out in disgust. To the D.A. I say, why don't you go prosecute real criminals for real crimes, and stop wasting the state's time and money on this idiocy?

lordhawhaw1Sep. 24, 13 6:45 PM

I question the wisdom of letting your 15 year old smoke the, "Sacred Herb".


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