Move over, Justice Scalia. Stephen Colbert is now America's Catholic.

  • Article by: Jessica Winter  , Slate
  • Updated: September 24, 2013 - 1:23 PM

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has always reminded me of the robed men of the Catholic Church in which I grew up: well-fed and saturnine, burbling with derisive erudition, jolly one moment and imperious the next, a weary disgust often flickering at the edges of the brow and lips.

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fursideSep. 24, 13 1:40 PM

Colbert is great. His humor comes from a deeply thought out logic and morality which sets his incredible intellect free to challenge the absurd with tongue in cheek absurdity. No one who wants to know what is going on in our country and the world should ever miss Colbert or Stewart.

leftwingnewsSep. 24, 13 2:43 PM

I don't watch Colbert but I am glad that he is a Catholic that talks about it openly. I believe that all Catholics believe that God loves all people. Even though the Pope says we should love all people, I think that he still believes that gays should not marry and that abortion is not right. THe basic beliefs of the Catholic church are not going to change and you can write about how liberal this Pope is all you want. Just because we don't believe that gays should marry, we do not hate them.

emmaularanhSep. 24, 13 3:14 PM

I used to really enjoy Colbert and Stewart when Bush was in office but stopped watching them when Obama got into office because they stopped making fun of the president.

dwlaufersweSep. 24, 13 3:15 PM

gearrunr - Nobody gets "information" from Limbaugh or Cobert... what we get are their opinions. It's just unfortunate that Rush's opinions are based on his messed up versions of the truth.

fursideSep. 24, 13 3:43 PM

gearrunr "I bet you are quick to accuse people of getting all their info from Limbaugh."Only if they seem mean spirited, misinformed and/or irretrievably stupid. Personal experience bears out that assumption of a Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, O'Riley etc etc connection and loyalty. Thanks for asking.

merrytrareSep. 24, 13 4:07 PM

The television channels now have a Jewish man critical of just about everything (including Obama) and a Catholic man who is also critical of just about everything (including Obama). I applaud them--and yes, they are very good at what they do.

buttlesSep. 24, 13 4:15 PM

emmaularanh "I used to really enjoy Colbert and Stewart when Bush was in office but stopped watching them when Obama got into office because they stopped making fun of the president." == You must not be watching the same Daily Show and Colbert Report that I am.

jd55604Sep. 24, 13 4:20 PM

When was Scalia ever America's Catholic? Most Catholic parishes I was been a part of were led by left-leaning people touting collectivism wrapped in God.

comment229Sep. 24, 13 4:25 PM

I guess I don't understand the message? Are you trying to tell us that Scalia is now going to try to set up his own PAC like Colbert? PS... The day after Bush moved out of the White House, and disappeared, we assume in Texas, Colbert was seen in his dressing room sobbing uncontrollably that the source of much of his satire, was gone. But then he discovered Michelle... and was all better.

bannedmuggsSep. 24, 13 4:50 PM

Another attempt by the press at tainting Pope Francis as a "liberal". He's going to change the Catholic Church. Both are very untrue and he's said it many times himself. The left leaning media is trying its hardest to twist everything to the liberal way, but Francis is far too smart for that and has made the press look like fools on multiple occasions. And labeling Benedict a "conservative" is pathetic. That's what the liberal press calls anyone Catholic. There's no such thing as a "conservative" Catholic. There are Catholics and "liberal" Catholics who should join the Lutherans (they need them).


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