40 attorneys general urge FDA to more tightly regulate e-cigarettes, cite marketing tactics

  • Article by: MARK PRATT , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 24, 2013 - 12:52 PM

BOSTON — Forty attorneys general sent a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday urging the agency to meet its own deadline and regulate electronic cigarettes in the same way it regulates tobacco products.

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jimjimjimjimSep. 24, 1311:14 AM

The bottom line is the bottom line. States are going to lose out on cigarette taxes as more people move to e-cigarettes. They will either want to stop e-cigarettes from being sold or will find a way to tax them. The states claim they are concerned about health but are really only concerned about collecting taxes.

mypcaccountSep. 24, 1311:24 AM

I don't understand this. Is there tobacco in it? Do they regulate nicorette gum the same as cigarettes? I am not a smoker so I don't know but I am guessing big tobacco lobbyists have something to do with this.

rogerbSep. 24, 1311:35 AM

The article is leaving out some relevant information. What is the government's "own deadline" that the states want the feds to meet?

eordropmeSep. 24, 1311:41 AM

Big tobacco and big government hate e-cigarettes because they are both losing revenue to this new technology.

eordropmeSep. 24, 1311:43 AM

I don't need the FDA to tell me that this is a healthier alternative to smoking. Granted quitting would be better for me but I can already tell that the nic-vapor is definitely better for my lungs that the old smoke-tar-nicotene I got from tobacco cigarettes.

karlabargeSep. 24, 1311:44 AM

Cartoon characters and fruit flavors? Are they marketing these to kids? If so, that does seem inappropriate and a separate issue from tax implications.

minnestupidSep. 24, 1312:00 PM

At the very least the FDA needs to bring in enough research to determine if E-cigs are dangerous to ones health! It isn't fair for these products to be able to be advertised on TV when regular cigs are not. We need more info on these things. Do they help or not to help quit? Are we getting 2nd hand "vapor" when in vicinity of someone using these things in a building?

raineyrooSep. 24, 1312:11 PM

The one good thing about e-cigs is that people no longer throw them out the window of their car. Nothing is more frustrating than having your car pelted someone's cigarette butt or have one land in your car and burn a hole in the upholstery (that happend to a friend's 911. It ended up costing the offender about a grand too) Just how hard is it to use your ashtry, lazy smokers?

elind56Sep. 24, 1312:11 PM

"...I am guessing big tobacco lobbyists have something to do with this."-------------------------Don't think so. BT is actually jumping into the fray with their own e-cigs.

rshacklefordSep. 24, 1312:14 PM

Does the vapor from my office's two coffee carafes contain not only caffeine but perhaps "unknown chemicals" from the filters that are used? Oh no! Get these people to despise coffee too then. Get the state to tax caffeine. Raise the health insurance rates for those who work in an office where the aroma of coffee permeates the air. Caffeine is addictive and I just don't want to be exposed to that...(yes, I'm kidding there)


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