Part 2: Making an offseason splash not exactly Twins' style

  • Article by: LA VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 26, 2013 - 6:05 AM

They never have been major players in free agency, but that might have to change soon.

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pazalunaSep. 23, 1311:01 PM

90+ losses for at least another 5 years

manoliveSep. 24, 1312:04 AM

The entire front office is so pathetic from Ryan on down, it's not even worth the time to comment, but I will. I will not spend another dime on anything Twins related until Ryan, Gardy, Anderson, and St Peter are all gone. Collectively they have destroyed the franchise, and the Pohlads couldn't care less. Unwatchable. No power, no speed, no pitching, no hitting, suspect defense. I can forgicve shortcomings in one or two areas, but being terrible in EVERY aspect of the game? Unthinkable. Gardy says they don't manufacture runs. Whose fault is that Gardy? You're the manager. It's YOUR job to manufacture runs. But your only strategy is to have them swing away. You've turned them into an entire team of Delmon Youngs, striking out ad nauseum. I am done as a Twins fan. Bring on the Wolves already!

garagewineSep. 24, 1312:22 AM

“I think you are mistaken when you don’t think $21 million is huge,” Ryan said.----Well Terry, I think you are CHEAP if you think a 3-year, $21 million deal is "huge".

asdubiakSep. 24, 1312:32 AM

The goal should be the keep making the pohlads rich.Go to games and spend tons of money on concessions and keep terry ryan in office! What a club.

cjvirnigSep. 24, 1312:57 AM

Here's the truth: The Minnesota Twins organization has succeeded at brainwashing the fans for far too long. They want us all to believe that free agent spending is the devil and that the only "true" way to build a winning roster is through the draft and a strong farm system. In reality, this is just a clever spin to cover up the incredible frugality of the Pohlad family. For every crop of prospects that succeed (Hunter, Jones, Koskie, Pierzynski, Mauer, Morneau, etc.) there is one that falls flat on its face (exhibit the 90s Twins of Scott Stahoviak, Matt Walbeck, etc.) or, ummm, the CURRENT crop of busts like Parmelee, Plouffe, Valecia, etc. The truth is, free agency is an integral part of building a championship roster. And, yes, that sometimes includes going all-in and signing a guy to big contract. Terry Ryan will gladly recite the company line and cover up for his cheapskate bosses. But digging through the Wal Mart free agent bargain bin for guys like Mike Pelfrey is how you lose 90 games, not how you build winners.

lindy_frank123Sep. 24, 13 1:54 AM

Terry Ryan has had 10 years to find a power hitting thirdbaseman and he has yet to do it...and he had one in Morneau at first but now he doesn't and Dozier may hit 20 this year but the best 2nd baseman in baseball plays for the Yankees...and Plouffe is not your every day third baseman nor is Parmalee your first baseman gapping holes there and florimon may have a glove but you have to hit above .230 as short...Hicks is not their centerfielder...and my gosh a starting rotation isn't there...none of these guys should be starting for the Twins next year...woeful to say it glimmering hope...they may have found the heir to Mauer..may have and then move Joe to first but you won't get power numbers there...need at least 4 to 5 guys on a team that can I say CAN hit 25 or more a year..

SonofbeachSep. 24, 13 4:35 AM

If you have to tell people you think out of the don't. If you have to tell people you are aren't. If you think that 7 million a year in this era of a multi-BILLION industry is isn't. If you have to tell people you aren't are. We have here before us the encapsulation of the entire Twins organization.....parsimonious, out of touch, tone deaf, myopic, insular, pre -historic in their thinking, Luddite in their beliefs. And then wrap it all up in that most common of people into submission. There is no talk, only do. Nothing is going to change until the Ents destroy the dam and wash out the dead wood from the top to bottom of this organization. It is the Norma Desmond of MLB. There sogan should be " We're still's baseball that's gotten small" This bunch of Cant's or Wont's needs to be shown the door for anything to change. The quotes in this article were disgusting and insulting to loyal fans.

minnystinkSep. 24, 13 5:57 AM

The article points out that they spent $21 Million on Willingham, the largest signing every ever for the Twins on a player outside the franchise, that is because they had let Kubel and Cuddyer go that winter to other teams and had to spend somewhere. Name some other free agent signings. They are cheap, and the management coupled with the ownership is to blame. I will be shocked if they sign anyone to a deal larger then Willinghams...This is going to be at least 2-3 more years of 90 losses...They need 1 outfielder, maybe 2, a 3rd baseman, 1st baseman, and 3 starters.....what a mess...

deepsixSep. 24, 13 6:05 AM

Notice to Ryan from Mr.Pohlad: We are not a low revenue franchise. We cannot spend only 78 million on payroll. We need to blend the youth with some over paid free agent pitching to help us until the kids arrive. Last place is not acceptable 3 straight years, it is not the Twins way. This is not 2001 but 2013.

197678amSep. 24, 13 6:30 AM

problem is that who of the elite free agents would want to come to the Twins even if Twins would spend the cash? I have been a Twins follower for over 40 years and have never seen major league players take so many pitches in the strike zone, especially with two strikes and runners on. Sorry to say i think the Twins have many years of below average productivity. Quit watching them awhile ago, only watch meaningful baseball.


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