Craig: Ponder's chance to prove himself sails away

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2013 - 12:45 PM

Christian Ponder missed a chance to close the game.

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toosweet64Sep. 22, 1311:20 PM

What is there to watch on film Christian?? You're not an accurate passer at all. You missed Jennings by 4 feet and missed a throw to Simpson who had beaten his defender deep because you rainbow'd it and allowed the defense to recover. Do us all a favor: retire and leave sports to your wife.

simmys11Sep. 22, 1311:25 PM

The idea that if Ponder had hit Jennings on 3rd and 4, none of Ponder's terrible play until that point would've mattered, is really quite stupid. It is the same attitude the media took during the offseason, endlessly parroting Spielman's talking points about Ponder's supposed improvement over the last four games of 2012, just because they went 4-0. Anyone who watched those games saw typical Ponder performances, with no pocket presence, up-for-grab throws and numerous INTs dropped by opposing defenses. Wins would not excuse Ponder's ineptitude and would just prolong the Vikings commitment to this experiment gone awry.

othermiscSep. 22, 1311:27 PM

It is hard to keep track and remember all the Ponder mistakes, and the two mentioned by toosweet64 are good ones, but my vote is for the overthrow on a wide-open Joe Webb in the end zone that would have made the Jennings play moot. Any high school kid should be able to make that throw to Webb.

popsputterSep. 22, 1311:40 PM

I'm not defending Ponder, far from it. But Ponder didn't give up 31 points. Ponder didn't allow 6 sacks. Ponder didn't miss coverage on open Cleveland receivers. Ponder didn't get fooled by a fake punt. Ponder didn't look like a fool for not covering a tight end on a fake field goal (what the hell happened there?). Ponder didn't give up over 300 yards of passing yardage. Ponder didn't miss all those sloppy tackles. Ponder wasn't the one calling predictable plays, first half nearly 80% of first down plays are handoffs to Adrian Peterson, 2nd half first downs are a Ponder pass and 2nd downs are a handoff to Adrian Peterson. Musgrave is so unimaginative and predictable even us armchair fans can predict his play calls. But Ponder did contribute along with all this with his inconsistency. Sounds like a team and coaching failure to me, not just one whipping boy.

kennyrogersSep. 22, 1311:43 PM

But don't forget, if our porous defense could hold somebody below thirty points, we'd be 3 and 0 and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Ponder would be the same, we just wouldn't be having THIS conversation.

vanvaderSep. 22, 1311:47 PM

Don't worry Leslie, your team isn't a good team. It looks more and more like last season was an illusion. Poor coaching. Poor tackling. Poor blocking Poor offense. Poor defense. Poor special teams. All the excitement of the draft is gone and the realization that Ponder wouldn't be a number one QB on any of the other NFL teams is evident. 5-11 baby.

tc2884Sep. 23, 1312:06 AM

Keep your stubbornness up Frazier, and figure out why you did not receive a contract extension, you do not deserve it. And as for Ponder I wanted you to do well but you have been awful and I blame the offensive line as well but they dont cause your throwing motions and how terrible it is.

mauianSep. 23, 1312:23 AM

“Our goals today were to stop Adrian Peterson,” said Robertson, “and force Christian Ponder to throw the ball.” And it will be EVERY team's goal the Vikings play until Ponder puts on his big boy panties and beats those 8 man fronts. "That’s typically a ball I can complete 99 out of 100 times. Unfortunately, that was the one miss.” But Christian, half of those completions go to the wrong team.

Rallen1225Sep. 23, 1312:35 AM

Christian Ponder's ship (and chances) should have sailed a long time ago. The problem is that the Vikings appear to be a ruddlerless team without an anchor. It's no longer painful to watch a Purple Pride tradition fall by the wayside: it now borders between sad and increduously comical. The idiocy of repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored or swept under the rug. The Vikings front office would do well to remember that building a stadium is only half the equation: filling seats is the other. It's well past time to approach personnel decisions in the same vein as contract negotiating: like a business. First order of business is to remove the starting quarterback who has had more than enough time to bring himself -- and his team --along. Second order of business? Look hard at the coaching.

gcrackerSep. 23, 1312:40 AM

Memo to Christian. If that's a ball you can complete 99 out of 100 times, how come we always seem to see the 1 out of 100 bad throws. According to my estimation, you should now be able to execute that pass your next 10,000 attempts because we've seen you miss that one about 100 times!


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