Minnesotans face higher taxes with gap between state, federal codes

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2013 - 4:41 PM

Many Minnesotans will be pinched next year because the Legislature failed to keep up with tweaks to federal code.

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eman2001Sep. 21, 1310:25 PM

This is nothing new! Minnesota taxes low income people (mostly retired), who rely on dividends and capital gains to survive. My fed tax was $0, Minnesota over $400.

jbpaperSep. 21, 1310:28 PM

There seems to be a reoccurring theme here. Dayton and the legislature keep saying they need to go back and change things they passed this last session. Did they get anything right?

mikehessSep. 21, 1310:40 PM

This seems to be a pattern following the big DFL tax increase - when faced with the human or business impacts of some small piece of the $2.1B increase, the Governor expresses a desire to un-do that part of the bill. Farm repair, warehousing, now this. I think our state government should be fully aware of the bills they pass and not run to change them months later.

tenthmtndivSep. 21, 1310:57 PM

Such bad tax policy not to parallel Federal tax law on debt foregivesness ("discharge of indebtedness"). Why do Americans allow the anarchronistic and inefficiency of a graduated income tax to exist and how inept on the issue of tax policy must MN legislators truly be? Embarrassing.

sturdlySep. 21, 1311:27 PM

State busy shopping.....cannot give up this revenue.....EVERYONE (at least those who actually pay income taxes) will be paying more and more each year..... National and state Governments need more and more revenue each year, and the universe of those who are elegible to be income- TAXED is finite, so.... it is obvious where all this is headed ....

huggybear28Sep. 21, 1311:44 PM

I thought the DFL was only looking for new revenues from only the rich... instead they have have included the middle class as well. Notice there is not a rush to prevent these taxes from hitting the middle class as well. They would rather continue to spend more over protecting the middle class from additional taxes.

oat777Sep. 22, 13 3:07 AM

To only blame the DFL is shortsighted and wrong. Both parties are asleep at the wheel....

gowcatsSep. 22, 13 3:46 AM

if they had put the same effort into the tax bills as they had into ramming the Vikings Stadium through we could have avoided these ongoing "mistakes."

clancywSep. 22, 13 4:41 AM

I love how it it "costs" money to give these people a tax break on the debt forgivenessbtheybhad recieved when they lost homes. That thinking is what us wrong with our government.

texas_technomanSep. 22, 13 6:01 AM

The Feds need more $$ because they are supporting the poor states. Mn residents pay in to the Feds $7500 per capita more than they get in return. We are the second highest. The poor states, most of them in the south are just the opposite, they get back $5000 + or - more than they pay in. Maybe we should get a bigger break on our Federal taxes?


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