Minnesota Catholics weigh in on pope's criticism of church's emphasis on abortion, gays

  • Article by: Rose French , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 21, 2013 - 8:22 AM

Pope’s statements leave state’s 1.1 million Catholics wondering direction bishops will take.

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Wally_99Sep. 20, 13 9:45 PM

As usual, this publication pulls in fringe liberals as though they speak for the Catholic Church at large. Your hatred for the Catholic Church continues to be very, very ugly and bigoted.

sjhuotSep. 20, 13 9:45 PM

It's about time. The Catholic Church should not construe itself as a political party or an arm of a political party. Nor should any religion. Pay attention to Christ's priorities, not political controversies. I have often said that the focus on the issues mentioned by the Pope has obscured the good work done by the Catholic Church in working with the poor.

dtmonkeyboySep. 20, 13 9:54 PM

Too many Christians worship the church and the teachings, but not actually Jesus. This Pope seems to be a real "follower" of Jesus and not just a "fan" of Jesus like many of Today's Christians.

benleeSep. 20, 1310:19 PM

The Pope has not changed one single thing. The Pope did not change anything the church has been teaching for the last thousand years.

zekefaxSep. 20, 1310:46 PM

sjhuot ---- I agree with your comment. I think the Pope was in effect trying to teach his flock the lesson that they are not without sin and need to clean up their own act before throwing rocks at someone else. Get back to the focus of showing unconditional care and love for others.

boboboboSep. 20, 1310:58 PM

That's some pretty strong language, Wally. I was raised in the Catholic Church. I long ago concluded that it was The Church that was very, very ugly and bigoted. At least we balance each other out, brother! Peace.

elo_62Sep. 20, 1311:12 PM

I am impressed with the remarks made by the Pope. Finally some hope that Catholics will stop hating. I hope Republicans will take a step in the same direction by taking the Pope's lead.

martiankingSep. 20, 1311:15 PM

As a Catholic, I'm glad that the Pope is opening the door to discussing these subjects that seem to have been pushed aside by the various diocese. Jesus taught love and forgiveness, not superiority and exclusion that many Christians practice today.

DufferHSep. 21, 1312:28 AM

Francis's harsh words about abortion today at first appear at variance with his remarks yesterday. Apparently he remains steadfast on social issues, but was really saying "hot button" issues shouldn't dominate all the Catholic church is trying to say. By the way, I'm sorry Rose French is leaving the STrib. She has covered the religious beat well and without injecting her personal views. She will be sorely missed.

donjacobsonSep. 21, 1312:43 AM

@elo_62 but the Catholics are *not* hating. It's the Church's hierarchy that does that. Most catholics I know are loving, devoted humanists who are accepting of all. It's not the Catholic believers who are the antagonists, but the activist bishops and cardinals. I love this Pope.


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