Anderson: DNR playing a shell game with duck hunting rules

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 21, 2013 - 12:35 AM

Changes to hunting regulations are not a step forward.

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sek2undrstndSep. 19, 13 9:58 PM

Great points Mr. Anderson. I believe we need to keep the regulations where they were and try to find more land on which hunters can hunt. When I was a wee lad, it seems like a person could go twenty minutes out of Minneapolis and ask a farmer to hunt on their land with positive results. Nowadays, it seems like there's no place to hunt unless you own the land, can lease the land or have familial relations. This doesn't bode well for people who want to start hunting but don't have access to land on which to hunt.

liz1234Sep. 20, 13 5:14 AM

Please hunters do not kill our ducks and wild life out there try to preserve nature they are so beautiful find another sport instead killing our animals

livefreeordSep. 20, 13 5:59 AM

Sorry to break it to you Dennis, but nothing ever stays the same. The good old days of the late 80's and 90's weren't all that good. The number of duck hunter's in the state has dropped precipitously. With them the membership and fund raising by DU and others have dropped. If you don't keep people participating in the sport, you will lose the population at large and eventually we'll lose the right to hunt at all. I don't think the 3 day take possession limit is all that great, but I'd like to see the 4 PM close go away. The split season is a great idea.

murphydogSep. 20, 13 6:23 AM

What is to happen at Lac Qui Parle WMA? Hunter numbers have plummeted because of changing flight dates. No need to pre-register to get a blind. But still the ridiculous shell limit. The limit was needed to reduce sky-busting when you could hardly get a good blind with all the hunters. Now it is almost deserted. Let's try to get a few hunters back to this gem of a WMA.

mmediaSep. 20, 13 6:34 AM

"minority of the state’s fast-diminishing waterfowlers who think these birds somehow magically appear from beneath corn stalks or soybean plants"__ They may be a minority but out here they have a major affect on the habitat and water. At this week's DU banquet, they were lined up for ribs and chicken with the rest of us - farmers who plant fence to fence and have tiled just as much; even the manager and a couple of the guys who work for the local drainage company which must be having an awesome year with the expansion into a new headquarters and a fleet of new trucks and rigs. They are the "duck hunters" who don't get it.

Sutty69Sep. 20, 13 6:51 AM

DNR=Department of Needy Revenuers

EleanoreSep. 20, 13 7:40 AM

Same thing happened years ago in my deer zone, excessive harvest thanks to the DNR which crashed the population. I'm guessing it's happening right now with wolves as well. The DNR has shifted its priorities under party leadership to one of money making and industry subsidizing rather than wildlife management. We need new people in the legislature and Governor’s office, and if the DNR staff can't re-align with management before profit standards, we'll need new people there as well which is the easy part.

miskwaaSep. 20, 13 8:42 AM

Money is not real, but when we allow it to pollute the decision process, it destroys the real. This is the entire problem with the Wetland Conservation Act and the Wetlands Provision under the Federal Clean Water Act. It still destroys real wetlands, but allows us to rationalize it by saying "we are replacing". We're not. We're destroying clean water and habitat in one location and transferring it for unequal results in another. The water, ducks and other species don't care about that. That wetland and habitat they used is gone, and replacing it with shrubland in NW Minnesota does not give those ducks the same habitat. While it is better than what we had, which was nothing, it still allows the same damage as long as the price is right. It still allows mining companies to destroy entire watersheds as long as they can replace it in another with that imaginary construct we call money. The same is true for farmers who destroy just as much. Dayton is not a friend to conservation, though he is better than most on the right. But he has signed away or advocated for changes allowing more impacts to our natural heritage then Pawlenty did. And I voted for him. This I will never forget.

crestliner62Sep. 20, 13 9:21 AM

As I have said before and will say can make the limit whatever you want..if the ducks are not there, their not there. You all can thank your buddies in the agra and ethanol business for the loss of habitat and ducks...not the duck hunters..

abadorSep. 20, 1310:22 AM

Dennis, we all know that the Waterfowl people are first Duck Stamp sales people... To take more than 4 ducks per day is ludicrous... Half hour before sunrise will provide ducks landing in the decoys...Young duck hunters will pluck a few off I'm sure. But anything that will prolong the sport of water fowling, is worth it I guess......Hey, i just heard, it's going to be in the thirty's tonight. No matter when it's opening, the teal & woodies will be on their way before season!!!


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