Why aren't more kids eating breakfast?

  • Article by: Allie Shah , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 19, 2013 - 10:20 AM

For some tweens and teens, it’s the most unimportant meal of the day. Why aren’t more kids eating breakfast?

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hermajestySep. 18, 1310:25 PM

Here's a hint: Don't start school so early, especially for teenagers. It's all backwards. The teenagers, who are natural night owls, are required to be at school at 7:30 or even earlier. The kindergartners, who naturally get up early, start at 9:00. Where's the sense in that? My high school started at 7:45, and I absolutely was not ready to get up at 6:00, since I was unable to fall asleep till midnight or later.

Diogenes9Sep. 19, 13 9:15 AM

The studies are conflicting. VERY conflicting. Nothing causal has ever been established. There is no physiologic reason why kids should eat a meal first thing in the morning. But if one is looking for a reason for poor school performance and obesity, why not blame skipping breakfast? In the real world, however, the assertion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has never even come close to being proven.

ivehaditSep. 19, 1310:11 AM

Diogenes9: "In the real world, however, the assertion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has never even come close to being proven." Do you question climate change and evolution as well?

elle2008Sep. 19, 1310:26 AM

I agree with hermagesty. School starts way too early for our teens and the little ones don't start until 9:30. I spent a week with my son and the teens were dragging and my little granddaughter was up at 6:30. As for myself, I did not eat breakfast forever and when I started to, I lost weight. Now I eat, whether I am hungry or not.

bluebird227Sep. 19, 1310:40 AM

The "too little time" argument doesn't hold water. Microwaving oatmeal or making toast and peanut butter takes 2 minutes.

FrankLSep. 19, 1310:53 AM

My guess in these studies the devil is in the details, and probably who is funding them. I can see if you substitute a bowl of cereal with milk by doritos or a poptart, yes then skipping breakfast is a bad idea. Skipping breakfast and then having a banana and some yogurt probably gives a different result.

jload027Sep. 19, 1310:54 AM

Outside of scientific evidence, of which there is plenty to support the importance of eating breakfast, anecdotally the people I have known who skip it are also exceedingly large and/or unhealthy looking (pasty, spindly, etc.). There is also another whole cadre of people out there who call their morning cigarette(s) their 'breakfast.'

cheiron55402Sep. 19, 1311:10 AM

Kids, well...people in general, are always running late. They wake up early, they leave early.... People don't have even the two minutes to make a microwave meal or even eat a banana. Starting classes too early doesn't make a difference. They could start classes at 12noon and they would still be running late.

createdequalSep. 19, 1312:20 PM

Kids not eating breakfast is nothing new. Kids didn't eat breakfast 50 years ago for ONE of the same reasons most kids don't eat it now: not enough time. This bit about "school starts too early" is shameful when you consider why many kids 50 years didn't have time: Farmers' kids got up early, often before 5:00 a.m., to help with the work. Older children were expected to get their younger siblings ready for school. Many students walked more than two miles to school; their moms didn't drive them. There were no microwave ovens, no grab-and-go bars and no McDonald's drive-thru's. We have got to quit coddling our children!

domino03Sep. 19, 1312:24 PM

Breakfast in the 50's consisted of bacon and egg hashbrowns etc. Why didn't they have obesity problems? Exercise. Excercise. THAT needs to be reinserted into kid's school schedule!!! And eat a healthy breakfast.


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