E-pulltab haul for new Vikings stadium is zero in first year

  • Article by: Jean Hopfensperger , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 18, 2013 - 2:12 PM

Anniversary of first electronic game shows paper pulltabs growing faster.

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kivirl4Sep. 17, 13 9:24 PM

you can't make this stuff up. When Senator Julie ROsen was questioned in the committee hearings, what happens if pulltabs are not enough, she simply siad, they will be, the budget office said so. She had no contingency plan, and senators who dared quiz her on this were mocked as paranoid. Stop this thing now. Everything about this has been a carnival. I dont like publically subsidized stadiums to begin with, but even if you do, shouldnt there have been more thought than this?

ColorcrayonSep. 17, 13 9:27 PM

Governor Dayton Please find a way to renegotiate the stadium deal.

markeyboySep. 17, 13 9:29 PM

Lester Bagley has it right, he advocates seat license fees. $1Billion construction cost divided by 50,000 seats = $20,000 per seat. They will go fast, problem solved.

fdrebinSep. 17, 13 9:39 PM

Will Lori Swanson, our esteemed "Attorney General", bring fraud and racketeering charges up against Dayton, Rybak, and mondale for this obvious Ponzi scheme created solely to make it appear that tax dollars were not paying nearly all the cost of Wilfs Money Machine, aka "The People's Stadium" ? I guess it IS our stadium because the taxpayers are paying for it, but the Wilfs take home all the profit.? Will Dayton, ondale, and Rybak do hard time? If there is any justice, they will!

RossbergSep. 17, 13 9:43 PM

But, Dayton said, "We made an honest mistake and corrected it." No, you didn't correct anything. You just stuck someone else with the tab. Neither was it an honest mistake since there were no pilot programs nor experts consulted nor any history to draw upon and everyone who told you this would never work you and your cohorts, Rep. Lanning and Sen. Rosen, ridiculed and dismissed as being anti-stadium. What it was was a textbook example of incompetence and political arrogance on a monumental scale intended to push through a personally desired project which would otherwise have never been approved.

erikj3Sep. 17, 13 9:49 PM

"Political analyst David Schultz said e-gambling has served its purpose. It got a Vikings stadium bill through the Legislature."...You mean the politicians lied to us? No way!

dewarfSep. 17, 13 9:49 PM

Mark Dayton and Ted Mondale. Two favorite (if slightly impaired) sons of 'name' Minnesotans made this happen for all of us taxpayers. And we thought a community organizer from Chicago was less than bright? At least he can make an intelligent presentation (albeit only with use of a teleprompter). Where do we find these guys? WE are to blame. We elect these idiots!

ottlukkSep. 17, 1310:00 PM

Gov E-Pulltab: "the years track record confirms that the E-pulltab was a gamble". Gov E-Pulltab,That's not the way you sold it to the legislature. Gov E-Pulltab: "To take on an untried source of revenue for the source of funding for a major project is ill-advised". That's not the way you sold it to the legislature. Gov E-pulltab: "We made an honest mistake and corrected it". No, you just stuck it to the smokers of this state to cover your willful blindness about the fairy dust you were warned about. I don't recall you ever stating anything about e-pulltabs being a "gamble". Quite the opposite. And now, after you find out your business partner has been convicted of fraud and racketeering, you state that to have relied on e-tabs source of funding is "ill-advised"? You shoved this Vikings bill down the throats of the taxpayers, and protest that you did not? You forget that you promoted these fairy dust e-pulltab numbers as realistic? You and Mr. Wilf are truly birds of a feather. Really, really pathetic.

remoguySep. 17, 1310:04 PM

Dayton must sure be glad we have all those smokers to pay for his ill-advised misadventure in funding a stadium. Maybe that's why the big push to ban e-cigarettes. No tobacco tax on those. Can't let people quit smoking or he'll have to find another tax to raise.

sharkysharkSep. 17, 1310:06 PM

We were lied to about every single part of the stadium financing. It's no surprise that the E-pulltabs are a FAIL, they never had any chance to do what was promised. The team owner has been shown to be a slippery character and has none of his own money at risk here. This entire package is simply wrong for Minnesota and the taxpayers demand a do-over.


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