Minneapolis woman uses Craigslist to call out drive-by creep

  • Article by: Kristin Tillotson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 17, 2013 - 8:18 PM

Attention Twin Cities dudes who make lewd remarks to women you pass on the street: one of them has a strongly worded message for you.

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vegasgalSep. 17, 13 4:51 PM

Oh how I can relate! I wasn't always 60 years old and men haven't changed much over the years. People wonder why I don't date - these are my peers....yuck.

dahutysSep. 17, 13 6:25 PM

The typical defense from guys like this catcaller is, "Lighten up, lady." I always wonder if they'd feel the same way if they were out with their girlfriend and a passing guy yelled that she looks like she's way better in bed than the loser she's with deserves...

drillforoilSep. 17, 13 6:39 PM

I'm always getting cat calls from women and I don't mind it.

hobie2Sep. 17, 13 8:44 PM

What a hypocritical piece of garbage! If you do not want to be noticed, then don't do what gets you noticed and you won't have to "complain" about men noticing you... Don't use make-up (make-up helps attract), do not have your hair done your in a "style" for your face (haircut design is done using attraction cues), do not wear clothes "in fashion" (because they are designed to attract attention), no jewelry (attraction sparkles) except a functional watch, and do not carry a purse or wear non-brown shoes... Wear loose shirts and pants, no make-up, sturdy shoes, hair short, and maybe no one will notice you... people are humans - deal with it.

hobie2Sep. 17, 13 8:59 PM

AND - a hint - why would a man ask about a thong? Was he leering because he could see the paint move? Or was he offended because he could see the paint move and felt he had to do something to protect his daughter from having to match that moral offense, paint? Oh, didn't think of that, did you? How did either possibly know?... Yes, that's right. Bet the house that someone was advertising... So get a bigger size or heavier material dress/pants/underwear cover so people don't have to call you out - because they won't notice.. [ I doubt this post will make it past the censors, because it looks at it from other than the evil-male-villain story line]

buddahSep. 17, 13 9:25 PM

Wow, Hobie2. If you're not actually just trolling, you really know how to make it seem like you are. I don't know about anyone else here, but I tend to not blame the victim... Maybe you can tell me more about your life's philosophy? I'm trying to learn more about why people do stuff. Man, I'm holding back so hard. Please respond. ...paint?

albundy74Sep. 17, 13 9:31 PM

Hobie2-- Shut Up. Some of us appreciate the fairer half, thong or otherwise. Most of us are civilized enough to appreciate with discretion, meaning no cat calls or lewd remarks.

indastixSep. 17, 1310:00 PM

I remember as a kid that men always honked at women and the women didn't seem to mind. Now apparently if a woman doesn't find you attractive also then you better not look at her for more than 6 seconds. I work in a complex where there are about 2500 women. Most of them dress like the are getting ready to work at a strip joint rather than a large corporation. Yet men aren't suppose to notice? Get over yourselves girls and you may just want to appreciate the looks you get now because they won't always be there and then you'll complain how rude men are because they don't notice you. Obviously, beauty in most cases is only skin deep. Most of you arrogant women are very ugly beyond your flesh.

A440Sep. 17, 1310:02 PM

"Let me make this abundantly clear, to you"- Lindsey. Your broad and bitter brush that is pointed at "all men reading this", is absurd. I don't find it necessary to leer at any winner of some genetic lottery, as if she accomplished anything more than simply dressing well. Take it down a notch, and gain credibility.

athe0007Sep. 18, 13 5:49 AM

There's really a double standard here. Women want the power that comes from being attractive, but they don't want "unwanted" attention. As my wife was honest enough to say, "I want people to notice, but only the right people." Sorry, but vision is a broadcast medium. This is not a defense of rudeness, but you reap what you show.


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