TCF tops study’s complaint list

  • Article by: Jennifer Bjorhus , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 18, 2013 - 9:32 AM

A new report drew from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s growing database. TCF called the study flawed.

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jcinmnSep. 17, 13 4:25 PM

It appears to me that, with TCF, Wells Fargo and US bank leading the way Minnesota banks aren't doing so well. Time to switch to credit unions and dump the bums

StarquestSep. 17, 13 4:32 PM

TCF has a deep relationship with UMN freshman, and has for decades. Those accounts have low balances, but probably a high number of complaints.

thisislameSep. 17, 13 4:32 PM

So TCF is saying that their customers are poor and poor people whine more???? Probably shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you....

adamskoglundSep. 17, 13 4:35 PM

TCF is atrocious. I left them earlier this year after having them CONSTANTLY restructure transactions to ensure as many overdrafts could be drawn from my account as possible. This came during a period of brief unemployment followed by a minimum wage job for me and they could not have been worse to deal with. I'm happily enrolled at a credit union and working a good job now, but the delight they take in stealing money from poor people is disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves. It has nothing to do with the number of accounts they have, as the spokesman claimed but has everything to do with their inexcusable practices.

michaeldugasSep. 17, 13 4:36 PM

I deposited a paycheck at a TCF ATM on Friday night as soon as I got off work and not one single dime of it was available until midday Tuesday. I'm on direct deposit nowadays but I still wouldn't go back. The only thing TCF does better than Wells Fargo is having their locations open later, but I hardly ever go to a bank nowadays anyhow.

detachedSep. 17, 13 4:39 PM

Why anyone would choose a commercial bank, especially one headed by bill cooper, when non-profit credit unions exist, is beyond me.

eman2001Sep. 17, 13 4:39 PM

I recently learned that "totally free checking" does not include copying checks, which costs $1.95 per month.

joebliveSep. 17, 13 4:48 PM

Maybe people need to get to know someone at the bank. I Bank at TCF and I had a few problems, until I got to know my banker. Now things are great. I think a lot of people just don't take the time anymore or they expect the bank to make the first move. Therefore, more problems and no one that is familiar with you to help you. After all that is what happens at the credit Union. At TCF and other large banks its really up to the customer to make the effort. There is just too many customers for the current bankers to have a personal relationship with all of them. so before you jump ship, make an appointment to get to know someone at the bank. Don't take my word for it, give it a shot. I think that you will like the results.

rampalincSep. 17, 13 4:49 PM

The hardest part is switching. Once you convert over to a coop or credit union then you will realize what good customer looks like. The big banks do a great job with customer acquisition, once you sign up, that is where the service ends!

gurquhartSep. 17, 13 4:51 PM

I banked with TCF for 30 years. They used to be pretty good, imo, but they started to stink more and more in recent years and I finally dumped them and moved on. Am much happier with my current bank (whose name I won't mention just to prevent various "flames" that would probably be directed their way since all banks have some unhappy customers).


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