My chat with Vladimir Putin

  • Article by: Ross Douthat , New York Times
  • Updated: September 16, 2013 - 7:08 PM

‘As much fun as I had baiting’ Americans, ‘part of my op-ed was sincere.’

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dazel21Sep. 16, 13 7:07 PM

Yea just 5 years into his watch ,Obama has turned us from the school bully to the kid who doesn't come out to play,time to close the borders baton down the hatches cause no one respects now.

joe_mnSep. 17, 1312:13 PM

Op-Ed pretend chat with Putin? I only wasted 1 min or so reading 1st paragraph. Than realized it was a joke

gearrunrSep. 17, 1312:23 PM

Oh man, I was so fooled by Putin! Sorry Ross, your commentary is clever and transparent in it's intent, but what happened is Putin politically stepped in front of a situation and took control of it ahead of Obama, usually Obama's wheel-house. Now Obama's efforts to try to re-step in front look pathetic, and frankly weak. Make no mistake, I'm not happy about that, Obama looking weak means the US looks weak, but it's truth. Our saving grace is the overwhelming public opposition to attacking Syria at this time. I see more and more comments and articles like yours attempting to paint the situation in a light more favorable to Obama. People are getting wise to this kind of thing I'm afraid.

pudmuddleSep. 17, 13 1:58 PM

Obama now owes Putin a Nobel Peace Prize.

zekefaxSep. 18, 1310:11 PM

Obama responded according to the wishes of Congress! Both parties have people wanting to bomb Syria and both parties have people saying don't bomb Syria. So what should he have done? The answer according to GOP er's is it doesn't matter we're going to blame him for everything anyway!! So I ask once more to all of you bashing Obama, what should he have done? Bomb Syria? Russia is Syria's ally I doubt that they would respond against us but what if they did? What if Assad gives his chemical weapons to Hezbollah to use against Israel? Might Israel respond with nukes, after all nearly half the world's Jewish population was killed, most via gas in the Holocaust and Israel would not take such an event lightly if it were to happen again. Putin is a politician a very nasty one true but he can see a moment to try to make a difference that makes his country appear better than it is. Most of our allies realize this even if we have people in this country bashing the President as usual. Finding a path to peace even though we have people that do nothing but bash what could very well be the best path for us to take. But keep the faith people if Obama is later forced to bomb the heck out of Syria we'll understand when you change gears and blame him for doing that, after all, the GOP loves to drive from the back seat.

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