Forbes lists 5 Minnesotans among nation's richest; where's N.J.'s Wilf?

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 19, 2013 - 7:15 AM

Some holdovers are among the richest Americans, according to the list released Monday, but there is one familiar name with New Jersey roots who is nowhere to be found.

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eclectic51Sep. 16, 1310:21 AM

I'd like to hear these folks come out - on the record - that the corporations they control can't afford to increase the minimum wage for their employees. Especially the hotel moguls.

marketerSep. 16, 1310:53 AM

I'd like to hear these folks come out - on the record - that Wilf can buy his own stadium.

cheiron55402Sep. 16, 1311:06 AM

I thought that Stanley Hubbard was living in New Mexico now?

eclectic51Sep. 16, 1311:10 AM

I strongly agree with "marketer"

dtmonkeyboySep. 16, 1311:10 AM

I really feel people who built a business from the ground up deserve to be rewarded for their risk, sacrifice and hard work. It is CEOs that step into established companies that really are overpaid. They get paid super well whether they fail or succeed. They are also paid for short-term thinking and short term gains at the cost of stability and long term growth.

ginny6Sep. 16, 1311:32 AM

The tax situation has tilted so greatly in their favor that their riches greatly increase while it comes out of the hide of our treasury, our infrastructure, and the average taxpayer. Of course there are those in that group who have lobbied FOR a fairer tax system (Gates, Buffet) but those against such fairness (Hubbard, the Kochs) have had more success in getting their way.

pintailguySep. 16, 1311:49 AM

The tax laws are so complex that only the wealthy can afford the accountants that are needed to take full advantage. A start would be for Obama to put in writing what loopholes he wants to close to increase revenues instead of the usual class warfare speeches and then no specifics.

fenderu2Sep. 16, 1311:50 AM

Of all the lists to leave me off of, you pick this one. JEEZ.

klondikekidSep. 16, 1311:53 AM

ginny - while I appreciate your sentiment the fact is that we (as a society) focus far too much on trying to collect more from a relatively few and not enough in trying to elevate the conditions/environment where we collect literally zero. Too few stop to consider how many of these people have directly created a much larger tax collection system by providing employment to tens of thousands of people who are also contributing. Take Glen Taylor for example. What people like him are and what they pay in taxes is the focus of considerable conversation yet I have not read an analysis as to the totality of tax receipt collected at all levels by those who he has indirectly/directly supported for decades. The reality is that half of this country either pay no net tax or are recipients of other people's tax payments. THAT has to change.

JONN1481Sep. 16, 1311:54 AM

Forbes does ask before they print. You may decline I've been told


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