Seeing potential 'economic chaos,' Obama warns GOP on shutdown threat over budget, Obamacare

  • Article by: ANDREW TAYLOR , Associated Press
  • Updated: September 16, 2013 - 10:50 PM

WASHINGTON — A potential federal shutdown looming, President Barack Obama on Monday warned congressional Republicans they could trigger national "economic chaos" if they demand a delay of his health care law as the price for supporting continued spending for federal operations.

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libsheepSep. 16, 1312:29 PM

Oh, it's rich this President talking about "irresponsibility" since he's incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

bblheadSep. 16, 1312:36 PM

Personally, I believe the President and congress need to be locked in a room until they have a solid, pro-active solution to the problem. You can't continue to spend more than you take in and expect to survive. They are ALL responsible for the problem and need to be responsible for the solution.

drichmnSep. 16, 1312:36 PM

as long as ultra-conservative Republicans are threatening to cause another economic crisis, the economy is not more secure.

firefight41Sep. 16, 1312:46 PM

In a blistering warning to congressional Republicans, President Barack Obama said it would be the "height of irresponsibility" for lawmakers to cause another economic crisis just five years after the collapse of the nation's financial system. *********************** It takes 2 to tango….Obama, maybe you should get Putin involved, he saved your skin on Syria.

circleoflifeSep. 16, 13 1:37 PM

"I cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can't get 100 percent of what it wants," Obama said. Well, Mr President, I can't remember a time when one faction of one party won't compromise (admitted to that in a recent interview with George S)and I don't remember a time when one party has spent so much in so little time while thinking we don't have a spending problem. Wise up, people. Obama WANTS the government to shut down. Always has.

kieselSep. 16, 13 1:47 PM

It seems to me that it is Obama and his policies which more than anything else are the cause of the ongoing economic chaos. Does it not frost you to see this guy stand before his audience and pretend to be working hard to correct matters which HE has created and propagated -- and not accept responsibility for any of them?

panktainterSep. 16, 13 1:49 PM

Good one firefight41. Maybe Putin should make some more decisions for the USA since POTUS seems incapable of managing the country. Insulting Congress and opposing views seems to be Obama's forte. He has not been up to the job since day one. Sad to say Biden could a better job and that's not saying much. Clinton lacked morals but at least he tried to work for a consensus. This POTUS is crashing and burning.

lawstarSep. 16, 13 1:49 PM

It is rather ironic that Mr. Obama is giving his speech about the revival of the auto industry at a Ford plant since Ford is the only maker that did not require a bailout. Does anyone ever fact check his moves?

jayman1816Sep. 16, 13 1:51 PM

Obama and his party caused the mess we are in. Once the Fed stops the Quantitative Easing, we'll all be lined up at the soup kitchen. The exception will be the government employees who are live off the back of those who still have a job.

rarmstrongSep. 16, 13 2:02 PM

Time magazine's feature article this week explains that the big banks which caused the financial melt-down in 2008 are bigger than ever, and they're engaged in the same risky and shadowy practices that the taxpayers had to bail them out of before. Way to go, Obama.


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